So I started out wanting to buy some shoes… and I ended up browsing through all the corners of Amazon! I’ve deleted things and added them for 2-3 hours now. But I think that I’ve finally made the perfect shopping basket, it is perfect because everything becomes the amount of money that my mother owes me :D.

 So I’m buying (from the top right) 1. a gray layered, shirred t-shirt with skulls. 2. Blue/purple/pink cosmic leggings 3. Black Paul Jones hoodie (chose to include the grey one because you can see the details better) 4. Gray roses and skulls printed leggings 5. Red, studded creeper flatforms.

The PJ hoodie is a men’s hoodie but I don’t really care (want to buy another one but I can’t right now). People care to much about gender specifics >3> I say:

Now I just need the money. Aaaand mother gets her money tomorrow soooo… I’m crossing my fingers! >w<

*sight* I should be writing the manuscript to the art video that we’re recording tomorrow… but I really don’t want to :c I’m doing


Don’t have Swedish tomorrow anyway~ ;w;/ So I start after lunch. That means that I will probably write tomorrow ha.ha.ha *I suck*.

I’m tired :c

OH I JUST REMEMBERED! Going to take some pictures in the city tomorrow (if it’s not raining) :D There’s lights everywhere and it’s all Christmas pretty~ So look forward to Gothenburg pictures! ^^

I should head to bed now so see you tomorrow!

Nighty, nighty~

// Nyancy


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