Christmas tea!

Hi guys! As an advent present (okay it was a really early Christmas present… because I don’t have much money over) to my mom I bought Christmas tea at a stall in the middle of the mall Nordstan.

The first one I bought is called Christmas toffee: 21113_81322

I bought both of the tea’s because of their smells, They really smell fantastic! Christmas toffee smells like a warm caramel. It doesn’t say on the package what it taste like but I looked online and it says that it tastes like caramel and creamy vanilla. It’s also decorated with shaved white chocolate!

To be honest I hadn’t tasted it until a few moment ago when I made myself a cup! And it tastes really yummy~ It’s an intense taste of caramel and an aftertaste of vanilla.

DSC_0075I’ve got a new favorite (the previous one being Earl Grey)!

What the tea looks like in the bag.


Both Christmas toffee and the other tea I bought – Uncle Frost!

I already knew what was in Uncle frost when I bought it because it says so on the package! Green tea, green cardamom, vanilla pod, ginger, sugar snowflakes, vanilla and cream essence. It’s quite a bitter tea and the smell of the wet tea isn’t great but when dry I think that it smells better than Christmas toffee! It a smell of minty caramel! ^^


In the bag you can see the sugar snowflakes. So cute!

As I’ve mentioned earlier I wasn’t a fond of tea before but Earl Grey is one of those tea’s that I really started to like! I have a problem with bitter tasting things so green tea’s are not something I like to drink. But with some sugar and milk everything is possible! ;3

I’m going to continue to read Uncle Tom’s cabin now. I’ve got a lot of reading to do if I’m going to be able to make it on the seminar on Monday ;w; Bye for now!

// Nyancy

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