Glossybox November…

… Swedish Edition!

I got my first Glossybox yesterday~ :D Recording the video below took 3 hours even though it’s so awkward. x’D I couldn’t record wherever I wanted because my mom and brother was home, therefor I was in a really warm room for 3 hours… can’t wait for the sun to be back so I can get some more natural lights. Oh well, I’ll make a better one next time!

Instead of uploading the video I made yesterday I made a reeeaally quick one now… in swedish. I decided to make it outside (in -3 degrees) because my mother was playing George Michael pretty loud! >w<

Here it is: Glossybox November 2012 (Swedish)

Now, because it is in swedish and I just mentioned what I got in the video, here’s some pictures and a little description of the things I got ^^

IMG_0371As you probably know the concept of Glossybox I’m just going to explain quickly what it is! You get 5 products, probably sample sized but one or two products usually are full-sized for (in Sweden) 139 swedish kronor. You subscribe to pay monthly or 3-6 or 12 months in advance!

This months theme is “Beautiful dreamer”.

Product 1 – VICHY Idéalia

IMG_0377It’s a daydream that smells pretty good. It contains kombucha which is extracted from black tea, nacre and thermal spring water. These ingredients are supposed to calm your skin and reduce pigmented and/or red spots. On the little pamphlet you get in the Glossybox it also says that even the most sensitive of skins can use it. Sounds really good to me! My mother is going to use it (because she has pigmented spots on her face from tanning too much when she was young).

The product in the box is 15 ml and the original product is 50 ml and costs 279 kr.

2. KÉRASTASE Elixir Ultimate Damaged Hair


This is an elixir for damaged hair (obviously haha) and I got it because i filled in that I have damaged hair in my beauty profile but there’s three other ones (the original one, one for colored hair and one for sensitive/fragile hair). Mine contains extract from the tree of life – Immortal Moringa. The vitamins and minerals are supposed to make you hair come to life again and make it smooth. Can’t wait to try this one!

The product in the box is 50 ml and the original product is 125 ml and costs 325 kr.

  3. Aquolina Pink Sugar Body Mousse

IMG_0379This one made the whole Glossybox smell wonderful! And it’s such a little, cute jar! So it’s a moisturizing body mousse with tons of different scents!

Top note: Orange, Fig Leaves, Rawstberry, Bergamot, Pear

Middle note: Red Berries, Lily of the Vally, Licorice, Cotton Candy, Strawberry

Base note: Musk, Vanilla, Amber, Caramel

… as I said a lot of scents!

I think that I’m going to buy the full sized product of this one, it smells that good! And I’m kind of tired of The body shops body butter by now. The product in the box is 50 ml and the original product is 250 ml and costs 279 kr.

4. MODELCO Lip Duo


This is a full-sized product. One side is a brown lipstick (typical that I get the one color I don’t like on my lips haha) in Dusk and the other side is a pink, glittery lipgloss in Striptease. It also got a mirror on the backside. Don’t get how you should use it though when the applicator is on the same side! that is quite silly I do still like the concept.

It doesn’t say how much the product is but if you buy the lipstick and gloss separately it’s 189 kr for 3.5 g/149 kr for 5 ml.

4. GLOSSYBOX Glossy Pink Blusher in Glossy Rosewood

IMG_0384This is the last product and it’s Glossybox own. You can’t see the color at all in the picture but it looks like a purple-ish pink color. It’s the original product (2.5 g) and it’s worth 110 kr.

That was all! If you want to subscribe, is the site you’re looking for! This post took me a day to make (including the video and pictures) so I hope you enjoyed!

// Nyancy

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