Fails… fails everywhere.

I wish I had my camera today. It was so beautiful outside (and it snowed non-stop all day)! :’3 But tomorrow I’ll take my camera with me! *A*

After the test in Religion (that I probably failed btw… IT WAS SO DIFFICULT. WHAT KIND OF QUESTIONS WAS THAT??!), me and some of my friends ran around it the snow. We walked around on a deserted Christmas market (it was too early for the general public). It was soooo cold but really cozy! Lot’s of food from all around the world (sausage from Germany, paella from Spain and Waffles from… I don’t remember! >w<‘) and in a tent there was mulled and beautiful jewelry. It seemed like no one talked swedish. Most of them had a brittish accent~ :D There were some absolutely gorgeous glas pendants for 250 kr or something like that. Waay to expensive for me but if I could I would buy one in a heartbeat!

I should prepare for tomorrow, we’re going to record our art videos and I’m not done (as always haha)

ee461df0f21501d7585fe6042a040f8b-802485242Bye bye~

Btw… it’s sooooo so, so cold in the kitchen where I’m sitting, my legs are moving (by themselves) and my stomach tenses up by itself D’:

// Nyancy


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