Dead snow.

dead-snowI’m not actually going to talk about the movie ‘Död Snö’ (a movie about dead nazi’s and stuff… I haven’t actually seen it! x’D) but I thought that the title was fitting because It’s now so cold

I feel like dying over the winter…

and then wake up at the end of January with Christmas present laying all over the bed ready to be opened. And after that celebrate my birthday :’D

(What’s wrong with this idea is that I would die for reals if I slept that long! And I won’t get any present this year because I insisted on getting money *boring, I know but I need them next year*.)

Anyway it’s -15 degrees Celsius/5 degrees Fahrenheit outside D: SO COLD! GAH

My dad is working overtime tomorrow so he can’t drive me and my brother out either ;___; The timing is bad but yeah, we’ll make it work.

10 layers of clothes here I come!

On a side note: my shoes from Amazon has come! :D I’m going to pick them up on the convenience store before school, as usually class begins after lunch so the store is open! Expect a video on them~

See ya tomorrow guys! Oh and I hope you like the Panty and Stocking header. It’s so Christmasy and fun, I couldn’t help myself :D

// Nyancy


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