Two black holes.

Hi guys. I’ve been sick with winter vomit flu since Friday evening so that’s why I’ve been so inactive.

What I noticed just now is that I am really dark under my eyes. Which to be honest, I never have dark circles under my eyes (ever) :'< It actually scared me haha…

6edfb37430782022439cb54a911f10c3-70161194I… look like a ghost.

When I feel better, I’ll show you things I’ve gotten (a.k.a shoes and Aussie 3 minute miracle). I still have a headache and my stomach growls (don’t know if because of too little food or if something’s actually up °_° … I really can’t tell.)

I should sleep now guys! Q_Q Oh and no Art Sunday this week because I’ve drawn absolutely nothing. D’: Not even a doodle. I’ve studied (kinda…) and read Demon Flowers (<- now thaaat’s what I’ve done). It ended horribly. I couldn’t understand a word (okay, maybe two or so because they were similar to Swedish) in the German volume 5 but the pictures showed me a really sad but painless ending so… I was fine with it I cried. Not going to lie. I cried my eyes out. HAKASE MIZUKI KILLS ME EYERY TIME. And I still love her to death. I found another of her comics:

813-MIZ-16054aAsian beat is a collection of short stories. As Demon flowers (but worse) I can’t find this in Sweden (at all). So I’ll probably have to order it online *all the cries*.

No, now I should really sleep. (Got to think about my dark circles D:) Gooood night!

// Nyancy


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