Make-up of the day: Santa Devil

Hi guys! This is the make-up I had earlier today. I finally found my red eyeshadow that was hiding (not quite true haha, I depotted it in a container I have three of so I just assumed that the two that were laying around wasn’t it! So silly~)

I’ll just excuse my dry lips in advance! I hadn’t put on lip balm on before taking the pictures. (Probably should excuse my skin too but hey, I can’t help that I get break-outs! c;)

As a new thing I thought that I would insert the name and brand of the products I’m using.

IMG_0463 IMG_0464Skin:foundation-clinique_300

foundation in 05 Vanilla.

And baby powder on top of that (to not make it so heavy but still set everything).

05541980402Clinique blushing blush powder in 107 Sunset Glow.


Clinique colour surge eye shadow soft shimmer in 271 So Sweet as cheek highlighter.

IMG_0460(Inserted this picture to show you the 90 degree wing I made, which made me think of devil horns)


isa400_1plus-sign cb-raspberrybodybutterEquals_sign_in_mathematics2/3 foundation + 1/3 body butter makes a good eyeshadow primer. Except in summer when it’s super hot, then it just melts! :<


Double Bubble eyeshadow 30 (the red side only)

107992364-260x260-0-0_max+factor+max+factor+colour+perfection+eye+shadowColour Perfection Eyeshadow in 470 Star-Studded Black for the highlight and contouring


cheek-lips-cheek-and-lip-tint_250x250Cheek + Lips tint in Rosy red. 

Later on I also put on211782-1284_1

I hope you liked this new styled MUODD! See you tomorrow~

// Nyancy


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