Gingerbread making!

Hi guys :D Made some gingerbread cookies today and I thought that I would share the pictures I’ve taken~
Here we were just getting started so we only used cookie cutters but then we made our own stuff, with knives and BBQ sticks.


The first picture is my tray (it’s horisontal because I can’t flip it on the phone :c) and the other one is my brother’s! He made a bunch of Lord Of The Rings-characters, it’s more noticeble when the icing is on!


Mine all done!

Haha, and my brother’s! <3 :'D The one with the hat and stick is Gandalf, the one with the sword is Aragon and Gimli is the one with no torso and a hammer! Eye of Sauron can also be found~
That was all for today! It's just two day's left guys~ Exited? C: I'm going to munch away on my fingers now, see ya tomorrow!

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