How I spent my The-Mayan’s-apparently-Predicted-This-Day-To-Be-Our-Doom’s-Day

Good evening people. ^_^ How have you been this spended doom’s day? I’ve had a loooong day that started at 8.00 this morning with my mother knocking on my door to tell me that we’re going Christmas food-shopping after leaving my brother at school. And if I didn’t tag along I wouldn’t get my game… so I went! Four hours sleep have never stopped me and it didn’t today either.
I put on some clothes that reminded me of Zombie survivors (and not the smart ones… you know the ones that doesn’t cut their hair even though everybody tells them to and end up getting grabbed by the hair and get’s a chunk of their neck bitten of… by a zombie of course.), layered and warm.

No breakfast for me because there wasn’t anything appealing to eat and it was too early. Then it was time to go! Dad drove to the school first and then the supermarket. I stayed in the car and closed my eyes while singing things that came to mind such as Poor Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas and the first Pokemon theme. Fun, fun. After that my parent’s walked to the market hall while I headed straight to the nearest Gamestop, unfortunately they didn’t have Rayman Origins there so I had to go to the other Gamestop… 200 meter away*oh nooooo…* and there I found it~

Bild 2012-12-21 klVictory picture. New game and yummy breakfast!

We went home after that but my brother also wanted to buy some Christmas presents and I totally forgot to buy my last gift so we went out again, haha. When we were all done my brother sat down in the car with the face *dundunduun*. He’d seen the ringtorn-ring

but couldn’t buy it. He was so sad :c But if he get’s money on Christmas Eve. He’ll buy it! :D

Well, there my day ended… kind of. I’ve only written the Glossybox unboxing and played Rayman Origins. I really need to make a review on it (when I’m done… and the way I’m playing it, it’ll be neveeeeer). I can tell that I haven’t played anything for months. :< TIME TO CHANGE THAT. *squeezing eye drops onto corneas* I’M READY. *Runs off* See you guys tomorrow! :D

// Nyancy GG94

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