Silver star


Merry Christmas guys! I know that both North America and South America (+ Italy, New Zealand and Canada) celebrate tomorrow but Chistmas Eve is the way we do it in Sweden so I wish you a merry Christmas Day in advance with lots of presents! :3
Today I woke up at 11.30 and outside the result from yesterday’s snowstorm made the whole world white.

20121224-175128.jpg Pretty, right? -w-
I wanted to draw some more (did some last night i.e the Grinch) but other things came in the way so an ‘Art Sunday’-post will come tomorrow or the day after! ^_^ Our computer crashed again so it’ll be a while till I’ll be able to use my scanner. It’ll be iPhone pictures/blogging for now.

20121224-180418.jpg My cute working space.
We watched Donald Duck’s Christmas at three o’ clock (almost every Swede’s tradition and also the topic of the winter since Disney altered the classic version because someone thought that a scene might seem offensive(?) and ate our Christmas dinner in front of the TV (which we’ve never done before).
Right after that we opened our presents!


20121224-182947.jpg Got a ring in real silver from my brother.

20121224-184139.jpg From my mother I got the tub-scarf I wanted and she also bought a pair of mittens.
To be honest I have not had a great day. I’ve been upset and pissed all day. Which have left me with a head-ache that won’t go away. Non the less I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you tomorrow or the day after!
// Nyancy

Santa Tora says eat a lot of herring!

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