Only hours left of 2012!

I lazied of for a couple of days because writing things down on an iPhone was not ideal… (I hated it! I need buttons to press down). But yesterday my parents went out and bought a charger so the laptop works again *hallelujah choir*.

What I’ve wanted to share with you guys are a couple of things! One was that I ate passion fruit for the first time! Such a strange fruit and it taste almost nothing like the juice. Only a quick after-taste here and there.


Reading to put aside the thought of frog-eggs made just want to put it all aside, haha. But I mixed it with kiwi and banana so it was yummy. The actual fruit was sour and slippery, while the seed was bitter (but not overly so!).

20121231-103801.jpgI want to eat this fruit salad again… but none of these fruits are left! :’c

Now to the next thing:

I bought color B4 Extra to get the nasty red color out of my hair. The color didn’t come out as I wanted from the beginning and when it faded it just turned to an oxblood color! D: My hair felt really bad too, all stiff and greasy. Reading that my hair probably would turn all porous… I thought “fuck it, I’ll do this and then wait a while” which I’m doing >w<‘ I can’t afford buying anything to do with my hair anyway…

But it worked out great. I got back the color I had before the red, which was my bleached hair with faded brown on top of that. I think it’s my favorite color to have when I don’t have jet-black hair or something fun~

20121231-111814.jpgThe same day before the treatment.Bild 2012-12-31 kl. 11.40

And today!

My hair is super soft right now and it doesn’t look as tired so I’m satisfied.

Now to the final thing. Because we got the computer working I could finally redeem my 2 months of free movies and tv-series yesterday! But I’m doubting that it actually got redeemed because it says that it’s only valid for a month… so I’ve contacted the company and we’ll see!

It was quite a movie day yesterday! I watched Rio and Sanctum on the TV. Both were good, Rio in a fun, Pixlar way and Sanctum in a “Omg, it’s The Descent all over again but underwater and without monsters”-way… and I love The Descent!

Later my brother and I watched The Thing (2011), House of wax, Boogeyman and the first part I missed in Paranormal activity 3.

Right now I’m watching Hanna. Half way in and I’m really liking it.

I really need to wash my hair, haha. So I should do that now before grandma arrives.

I hope you’ll have a nice new year. I don’t know yet if it’ll be troubleless but I’m hoping.

See you in the new year!

// Nyancy

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