Glossybox Sweden, January 2013.

The anticipated, first Glossybox of 2013 is here! It feels like forever since the last one because we received it before Christmas.

The theme of this month is “Functional beauty”.



Victoria, Glossybox Beauty director says that she got inspired by design and architecture. The products featured will allow you to bring out and enhance your beauty! That’s pretty much what it says on the card~
A physical copy of Glossymag was on top of the box when I opened it. Even though I don’t really like trends… the ones featured in the magazine are right up my ally! E.g. “Powerlips”, “Glitter and Glam” and “Lashes de luxe”. The rest I don’t really like… at all (on myself) so ponytails and ballerina buns, I’ll leave to the rest of the beautiful people.

So let’s start with what I got in my box!

1. BERT’S BEES Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream


100% natural cuticle cream from Bert’s Bees in a tiny tin. Smells wonderfully of lemon and has the same color as lemon curd. The product strenghten and moisturises your nails and cuticles. The product is 8.5 g/0.3 oz. which is half the original product on 17 g. for 79 SEK.

DSC_0116I have not owned a cuticle cream before so I’m exited to try it since my cuticles during winter always get sore and crack. The smell is also very pleasant so I’m looking forward to using this before going to bed!

2. PERCY & REED No-Fuss Fabulousness Dry Conditioner

DSC_0115I’m a fan of dry shampoo so I will probably like this product! The packaging is really cute and the matt, cream color make me think a little vintage and luxury. A interview with the duo, Adam Reed and Paul Percival can be found in Glossymag where the interviewer says that they, as innovative as they are, came up with dry conditioner!

This little 50 ml can is the full-sized product and is worth 129 SEK.

3. Illamasqua Cream Pigment


“This intensely colour-rich, matt and crease-resistant formula has been designed for use on the face, eyes, lips and body. Apply with an Illamasqua brush or simply use your fingers for a buildable, water-resistant, highly pigmented finish.” -from Illamasqua’s site.

I was so exited when I saw an Illamasqua-product! I’ve been wanting to buy something in forever and their sale that ended today might’ve been a golden opportunity but I have to prioritize other things unfortunately.

DSC_0118I got the lilac color Dab. It’s a bit pale for me but since the formula is discribes as absolutely amazing (water-resistant, matt, buildable, crease-resistant ect.), I’m going to use it as a base under the eyeshadow I want to wear!

This is of course the full-sized product and costs 179 SEK.

4. Elite Models Intensity Eye Pencil

DSC_0120A waterproofed and extremely lasting eyeliner. It’s creamy and soft which makes it easy to apply. Contain shea butter and vitamin E.

I’m really happy that I got this product because my eyeliner has been running on empty for quite a while now! It’s jet black but has beautiful glitter in it so I’ll have to buy a new one anyway ( I need a plain black one when I’m doing my project). This black with sparkles is called Secret Grey 02. It’s full sized and costs 109 sek.

5. Oliva By CCS Eco Makeup Remover Wipes

DSC_0122Gentle and effective makeup remover wipes containing organic olive oil and olive leaf-extract which will soften and moisturise.

Only used makeup remover wipes one time but I think that the consept is great since its organic and I feel like wipes are less messy than using cleansing lotion and cotton buds. The wipes smell pretty pleasant… I’m not a fan of the way olive oil smells so that should tell you something!

This is an original product and is worth 50 SEK.

I’m very satisfied with the products that I got since I’ve gotten a lot of things I haven’t tried and things I need! I’m very annoyed with the people complaining on the page. They say that they’ve gotten a box of low quality products and not what the Glossybox-site promises!

1. You received a box with 5 beauty products (just as they promise). Even if you get toothpaste, that is a beauty product (if it whitens your teeth). Since I read that someone got it and was disappointed and I don’t know any details but I would asume that it whitens your teeth.

2. They tell you that you will receive samples to discover new products. Now if you’ve read through all the products I got, 4 out of 5 are full-sized. I don’t know about you but I’m very grateful.

3. If you notice that you aren’t satisfied, send them an email or something! No one (except your fellow complainers) is going to want to hear that you are suuuper disappointed and that Glossybox should shape up since you wanted that product and not the one you got! They use your beauty profile to decide what box you’ll get so do something about your profile! You can always switch with someone else on the page (seen it happen) if anything else.

Phew. Now that’s out of my system (almost).
Hope you enjoyed the post! See you tomorrow~ I have to sleep now.


Lucky no. 30… or 19? (BIRTHDAY POST)

Today must me my lucky day! Crazy since it’s my birthday too~

I got both Glossybox and Sheslookingatthestars budget beauty swap-package! (Both will get a separate post, of course.)

Skärmavbild 2013-01-30 kl. 19.26.46


Preview of the swap-package~

Over all it’s been a really good day!

I got red tulips and money from my mom today. But she also payed for my Glossybox and bought me this lamp ❤

DSC_0048 DSC_0049They are looking at me and my desk... QwQ

I saw this lamp in a store for a discounted price and my mom asked if I wanted it as a birthday gift! It feels like wood (but I’m pretty sure it’s not) and the lampshade is dark green. They had a lot of lamps in similar style but they were horses, statues ect. They were really cool but I decided to go with the kittens!

My grandmother also gave me money (and the birthday-call ❤). Which is well needed! They will be saved to the trip to Scotland. We got some more information about the trip today so I’ll make a separate post on that too! (I have quite an amount of writing to do haha)

My brother sold some games he didn’t want to keep and with the points, he’s going to get me two games I want. QwQ So happy!

At last, I got myself Professor Layton and the curious village! I’ve been waiting to play it for forever and now it’s on its way~

I just had my “birthday cake”! Tea-time with a pastry that mommy bought.

DSC_0109I’ll make the real cake on Friday, the day before my party!

// Nyancy

Pre-birthday celebration!

Hi guys! Has this been a long day or what??! (Answer: yes yes yes)

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day of walking around down town, see Django, eat something and then go home, everything before four. Well… that didn’t go as planned.

Arrived to the middle of Gothenburg and found Anna within one minute of getting off the tram~ We went to two asian trade-stores before I noticed that Marcus had called… turned out that he overslept and he asked if we could watch the next showing, so we did. The time was around 10.30 and the next showing was at 14.30. So we continued as planned and went to two more asian trades and found this while buying Pocky.

DSC_0050Pandanus... do I have to explain why that was absolutely hilarious to me and Anna!(??)

After that we had a photo shoot for the Pocky Royalty-contest I’m participating in! Without Anna I wouldn’t have gotten the pictures I got so I’m really happy she said yes when I asked her. I’m doing a separate post on the contest when the voting begins! (So people can vote for me… hopefully QwQ’) While we took pictures, people would walk past and I’d feel embarrassed and laugh and run away. It was super-fun though.

 A preview kinda... I haven't used this one in the picture I entered the contest with!

When we were done, we headed to the centralstation. After waiting for a while, I called Marcus three times. Voicemail greeted us each time and because it said that the train Marcus was on had wagon-error we assumed that something horrible had happened. Death, death and… death. (No other explanation really! ;D). Reality: his phone was silly and slow. He texted us that he had arrive so we met up with him and took a tram to the cinema. 

After purchasing the tickets we walked down to Max and ate yummy food!

DSC_0082 DSC_0083 DSC_0084 DSC_0085 DSC_0089Marcus blueberry delux milkshake looked really yummy and my chicken burger was... *ahhhwhjfiojkd*.

At last we saw Django Unchained! It. Was. So. Good. And super-silly at times! I laughed so much haha~


2 h. and 45 minutes long! I had washed down a big cup of coke during the first one and a half hours so when it was an hour left I couldn’t hold it any longer! D: It hurt like a b- so I walked on shaky legs to the restroom. The people sitting on our row… should get an award! TwT They were so helpful when I could’t see anything. A guy with a huge bag helped me by pushing it away (took a while though since he couldn’t see it either!) while being super nice and polite.

I got an early birthday present from Anna:


Various candies but mostly she got it because of the party-whistle!


Trouble along the way but in the end everything was awesome!

// Nyancy

Happiness just smacked me in the face!

I just got a major feeling of euphoria… why? I just feel like this week will be wonderful! And it’s just Monday (I’m pretty sure this have not happened to me… ever)


  • It started with my Budget Beauty Blogger Swapper telling me that she has received her package. And she loves them both 
  • So now I’m really looking forward to receive my package!
  • Then I remembered that Glossybox will also arrive this week~
  • I’ve finally gotten the drive to continue on my final project. Done Robin today and I probably will do Lovisa too! (I’m doing makeup-looks inspired of flowers and nature)
  • I’m going to the cinema to see Django Unchained with dear friends tomorrow + buy a Hobbit menu.
  • Decided to be in a Pocky-contest! More information tomorrow or the day after~
  • Wednesday’s my birthday and I’m bringing chocolate cake to school. Marcus and Emilia will eat it with me! AND I HAVEN’T SEEN EMILIA IN FOREVER! QwQ
  • On Thursday I’m seeing Chess on Gothenburg’s Opera (never seen anything/been inside before) with the class!
  • I got the confirmation email that Professor Layton and the curious village has been dispatched today. Estimated date of arrival is February 6th… but I don’t believe that for a second~ I’m pretty sure I’ll get it this week.
  • And last but not least, I’m having a birthday party… á la children’s party. Yep, turning 19 and having a childishly awesome birthday party!

So yeah, I think that this is it. Sounds great doesn’t it?

893a82397daa8b34417032f9c7049505-382232535This GIF is so ugly, but it discribes me on the inside right now!

// Nyancy

Lack of sleep made me lose it.

I am so tired. But I have a rule agains napping: don’t do it on purpose! So I won’t. I really don’t want to sleep when I’m not supposed to (and apparently the opposite too).

I’ve been a bit more of a giggling craze fest than usual, Anna even said “she needs to go home now and sleep!” to Marcus while we were taking the tram to my buss, haha! :’D Facebook statuses has been totally butchered with awful but funny english… I have to add that we said the replies out loud in silly voices.

Skärmavbild 2013-01-28 kl. 15.35.12Let's just say that Marcus FRd me with "I like ducks"....Skärmavbild 2013-01-28 kl. 15.40.25 Skärmavbild 2013-01-28 kl. 15.40.35Marcus and I were laughing so hard at the fact that Madeleine thought that Marcus was writing but it was me... (love you Madde >w<). He did start writing at "caps wunt halp yu maddä..." though!

I had English and Religion as usual but Science (which has been flipped with “security and work environment” from Friday to Monday) was independent work (facebook). So we sat in the library, giggling.

While Anna and Marcus followed me to the bus, we decided that tomorrow is the day for some Django Unchained since we don’t have any lessons! So at 11.30 we’ll see the movie, then we’re going to eat at MAX. Anna was really enthusiastic to the idea Marcus purposed (I did not see that coming Ö_Ö). Looking forward to a voilent movie, wizard menu and a chicken burger~

“I’m strong! As long as Nancy’s not around.”

-Lovisa, when Anna told her that she was strong

That’s my favorite quote of the day.

Now that I can stay up for quite a while… I’ll just take my time to find my inspiration, been really dry at the art-front for a few days. :c

// Nyancy

OPI liquid sand in Can’t Let Go.

As I mentioned here, the reviews are finally written! This is the second one, click here to see Lumene blueberry long-wear crystal eyeshadow in archipelago‘s review.

While walking around, trying to find something to buy to Samantha I stumbled across OPI’s new Mariah Carey collection. I’m not really a fan of her so when I saw her face in the first store I ran away (it’s true! I didn’t look at the colors though), I did take a closer look in the second store and noticed this new formula:

OPI's liquid sand

As the OPI fan that I am, I decided that I would definitly try one of the shades! There are four so-called “stage”-polishes and four “studio”-polishes! The stage-ones being liquid sands and studio-ones being two shimmers, a glitter- and a shiny polish.

IMG_0718Took a picture of all the polishes in the collection while I was in Kicks today.

I went with Can’t Let Go, a grape purple shade since I absolutely adore the color (might be the side of me that loves Grape soda that is speaking). The texture is what makes this unique. While the base become a matt, gritty texture when dry, the typical OPI hexagon glitters and tiny glitters breaks it with their sparkle.

DSC_0028I like the shade I picked but if I could, I probably would’ve chosen The impossible (but it was sold out). The color is very pretty and the polish has star-shaped glitters in it!

I’ve worn it for about three days now and it hasn’t cracked along the edges but I’ve had to reapply on the sides since tiny pieces has fallen off! It’s not that annoying though.

Looking forward to what OPI will come up with next!

// Nyancy

Lumene Blueberry long-wear crystal eyeshadow in Archipelago.

As I mentioned here, the reviews are finally being written! I thought that I would start with the eyeshadow I bought!

When I tried the color in the store I just felt like I had to have it! Since it’s been Christmas not too long ago and the stores are still having their big sales (until the end of January), I bought it on the sale for 55 SEK/6.32 EURO/8.50 USD instead of the double!

So this is Lumene’s Blueberry long-wear crystal eyeshadow in the color Archipelago. It’s a lilac based eyeshadow with blue shimmer. It doesn’t contain paraben’s and is not scented. DSC_0032 DSC_0039In the store I didn’t need to press at all to get a really opaque  amount of product on my finger, which impressed me. When I got home I tried sweeping through the new shadow and the same thing didn’t happen. I’m pretty sure that’s because the one at the store had been loosened by all the people trying it. Nonetheless If you want the new color to be really bright (like me), just add on layers until you’re satisfied!

DSC_0043This is three layers of eyeshadow on top of primer.

With the amount of product on my brush I was surprised that the fallout was two dots on my cheek bone (that I just brushed away when I was done)! So that is good.

So far I really like this eyeshadow! The only things I don’t like with it is the price (I don’t know if it’s because I’m a student but 110 SEK for one eyeshadow is a bit much) and the packaging. I understand that they choose the color of blueberries because the line uses blueberry seed oil. But the shiny, navy blue plastic looks a bit cheap. I probably wouldn’t have bought if if it wasn’t on sale. Glad I did though!

If you’re able to buy it I do recommend it~

// Nyancy


Ran around and had some fun instead…

fda8b852ca46373569da90ed293a75d9-828729032I will definitely be home tomorrow so I’ll take the photos when the “sun” is up and then write the reviews! It’s such a bummer that the sun hasn’t peaked out these past two days! Before that it was shining super-bright *just my luck…*!

Zumba was fun and almost identical to last time so I remembered some things but somewhere in the middle I was so tired that my body didn’t really catch up with what I was telling it to do! :’D Marcus complained afterwards that the music was bad and that it was silly but… I saw through Mr. Macho’s words. He liiiiked it~ ^^

Afterwards we went to Gamestop because Marcus wanted to buy Far cry 3 but he didn’t buy it because it was 600 SEK/92$/69€/59£. Then we walked up the avenue to get something to eat/drink, we bought our stuff and headed to Robin’s apartment(!).

I haven’t told you guys but Robin moved from the guest cabin of his parents house on the country side to an apartment that an elderly man (that Robin’s “dad” knows) lives in. It’s central and pretty close to school!


The view of the inner courtyard from Robins balcony! We will have an awesome summer right here.

Marcus and Robin wanted to play an old, strategy game so I layed down on Robins bed and started replying Milia’s Nintendo letters (and then played some Pullblox) ❤ I got really restless and then tired after a while so after annoying the guys, I took a little nap. With my scarf over my face, I slept for about half an hour. Now I understand why animals put their tail on their nose. Instant warmth~

When the computer suddenly closed the game, they woke me up and we walked down to the street. Robin wanted to buy some clothes in the building where we bought snacks so we parted ways. Marcus and I continued down the avenue. On our way to the centralstation we figured that we could stop by at GAME and Rocks. I found a three for two sale on ds-games but I can’t buy them because it’s too expensive still… would’ve been awesome to have bought Pucca Power up, Daffy Amuck and Ivy the Kiwi thou’. ;_; Marcus really wanted to buy Far Cry 3 so he bought it at Rocks for the same price as in Gamestop.

All’s well that ends well~

// Nyancy

Blog changes!

Thought I would inform you guys if you haven’t noticed yet! ^^
I made a new header and a few more pages for easier access to the different parts of the blog (for new followers(/stalkers) <3). The background and link colors changed again too but I do that all the time anyway so~

Skärmavbild 2013-01-26 kl. 08.59.27

I have to go now. Zumba-time  with Marcus, Robin and Kano in two hours (but because my bus comes at weird times, I have to go in 20 minutes Q_Q)!

See you guys~ I’m writing the reviews when I get home!

// Nyancy

Illustration-class is so much fun!

Took my camera with me today because I wanted to take some pictures of the things we did in illustration-class yesterday! Took some pictures on the way though:

Skärmavbild 2013-01-25 kl. 18.40.39Threw the things I sent today, to the back of the car this morning! One is for Samantha (my beauty swap and the other one contain games I’ve sent to Spelbutiken, in return for points to buy some games!

DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0009 DSC_0010 DSC_0011My mom didn’t work today and she had to help my grandmother at the Chilean embassy (to renew her passport) so she drove to the city and I went along.

When I came to school I headed straight to the forth floor and my drawer. These are the self portraits I did on Wednesday’s “image construction”-class :

DSC_0012DSC_0013 DSC_0014They are all made on A2 paper. Not very satisfied with these charcoal and chalk sketches but that’s why I have to practice! ^^ The “BLIND ART” one, I made with my eyes closed. Everybody was screaming “OMG, AH, IT LOOKS LIKE A CHILD ect.” so I laughed really hard while making it~

Yesterday my school had open house in the evening so that parents and 9th graders could take a look at what we do and what the inside of the school looks like. In preparation for that, my teacher in illustration wanted us to draw faces on three pieces of “fabric”. But before that we had the assignment to do faces with ink and water! (SO MUCH FUN!)

DSC_0015I used a thick and a thin brush with regular ink. And a spray bottle containing water!

I loved doing this! No pre sketching because I just wanted it to flow.DSC_0016Here are the fabrics. I made the middle one in the fabric strip to the left and the closed eyes + nose with a bow on her forehead! The middle one was so hard to do! I had to paint it on from the side, kneeling down. Her lips are super big and crooked :’D

A little summary of the past few days~ ^^ Hope you liked it!

// Nyancy

Mini-haul at Kicks (+ rude cashier)!

I can’t really show you the true beauty of the products without having them on (the lighting doesn’t make them justice at all) so I will wait to reveal what colors I bought when I can take pictures and wear them in natural lighting! ^^

Anyway, this is what I bought to myself while buying the products to the beauty swap:

Skärmavbild 2013-01-23 kl. 19.28.36
Lumene Blueberry Long-wear Crystal eyeshadow (solo) and OPI liquid sand.

I am loving the colors but it’ll be more exiting if you don’t see this really bland picture. Instead I’m giving them both reviews~ ^^ So stay in tune for that!

Now to the storytelling! When I stood at the checkout in Kicks this middle aged cashier walked behind the counter and started chatting with me. She brought up the nail polish because I took the last one of the color. I thought “ah, this is nice”. But then when she had scanned in everything and said the price, I noticed that it was a 100 SEK more than I had calculated it to be. So I said “Oh but these two are  half prised” where as she replied “no I don’t think so, let me go check”.

I thought “wow.. just wow, she doesn’t know about the products at the sale-table but she knows that I took the last of a certain OPI-color??!”. The funny thing is that I saw the reduced price on their website yesterday so I knew that I was right.

She came back saying “it didn’t say anything in the system but let’s go with that”… I could only answer “good”. She made it sound like I was saying something totally random and she just went along with it! Please. I looked at the receipt and it said 50 % off so I payed the right price in the end. It really annoyed me because I couldn’t have been the only one buying products from that table since Christmas and they had the reduced price on their website!

*breath in and forget*

The reviews will probably be up on Saturday. Because that’s when I can take pictures before the sun goes down!

// Nyancy

Icy ends.

When I went downstairs to let our dog out it felt unusually cold but I just thought that it was because I had just woken up, so I didn’t think much of it.

Turned out I was wrong! When I walked outside my nose froze to ice and the air felt so thin. I used a different bag to be able to carry my laptop and I thought that I’d forgotten my bus card so I had to run back home just to realize that it was in my jacket the whole time… not the extra afford I wanted to make today.

Halfway to the busstop I looked down to the ground and realized that my ends and scarf had frozen to ice due to my breath!


It has never happened before tbh so I was very surprised. I remember  when my teacher told me that she’d gone out with wet hair one winter as a child and she broke a strand of hair in two (not the greatest first thought after seeing icy ends).

Now I’m at school with Marcus and Robin, just waiting for my image construction-class to start. We’re going to do big portraits of ourselves!

Bild 2013-01-23 kl. 11.32Will be writing a haul when I come home!

// Nyancy

50 things about me-tag.

Yep, totally answering a youtube-tag again… because I’m bored!

  1. I was named Nancy by my parents…
  2. But I could’ve been named ‘Natalie’!
  3. I don’t like my thai middle name because I always say it so awkwardly.
  4. My dad calls me by my middle name (which is fine).
  5. I was born in Gothenburg.
  6. I started drawing manga when I was in 4th grade I believe.
  7. And I used this book: Bild 2013-01-22 kl. 22.00
  8. I was horrible at drawing but at the time I thought that I was really, really good. So I continued (thank god).
  9. W.I.T.C.H. was the first ‘manga’ styled comic I bought (found out that it was from Italy a couple of months later through a girl magazine called Julia).9789172694576_large_kandrakars-hjarta-bok-1_pocket
  10. The series led me to want to start drawing.
  11. The actual first manga book I bought was Ranma 1/2 (volume 24)!
  12. Reds, bright pinks and black are my favorite colors.
  13. I wouldn’t describe what I wear as fashion… :’D
  14. Spending large amount of money on one item/product/piece is a no-no (it feels like such a waste). Exception does occur but not very often.
  15. I’m socially awkward with people I don’t know.
  16. Usually don’t like when staff comes up to me in stores.
  17. But I like when they are nice behind the counter! Rather that they are overly happy than rude.
  18. Been addicted to biting on my nails since I was about ten. Wanted to stop though since I was in third grade.
  19. Only achieved stopping last year!
  20. The reason was that I wanted to be able to wear nail polishes without being ashamed.
  21. Started working on Volvo right after getting them to an average length which made me relapse for a few months (I couldn’t have them at that length without my fingertips hurting really badly).
  22. OPI is my favorite nail polish brand.
  23. I procrastinate all the time.
  24. I don’t do things before it’s really late or too late.
  25. My room is messy, even after cleaning it.
  26. And that’s because I have a lot of stuff.
  27. I don’t like giving away originals of things I do. It feels like I’m giving away a piece of myself.
  28. I also don’t throw away sketches or illustrations.
  29. Or things I’ve recieved!
  30. I’ve slept in the same bed for 13 years.
  31. I don’t know what I want to be when I “grow up”.
  32. Mira Grant’s The news flesh-series are my favorite books!
  33. John Ajvide Lindquist (wrote Let the right one in) is my favorite autor.
  34. I have around 600 manga-comics in my room.
  35. But I’ve read so much more.
  36. I prefer reading physical copies rather than digital.
  37. I’m a slow reader.
  38. Makeup wise I like anything bright, bold and glittery!
  39. I don’t like lipgloss. It’s so sticky and always get caught in my hair!
  40. Tora is my cat but originally I wanted Panter (became my brother’s cat because my mother told me that I’ll get the cat after him. We got both cat’s almost simultaneously, I was just too impatient to wait for Tora. Panter died a few years ago after not coming home for a few year before that. He stayed in the neighborhood so we suspect that someone “adopted him”. He got hit by a car).
  41. I couldn’t for the world decide what to name him, so I named him the most unoriginal cat name: Tiger.
  42. When I’d read Samurai Deeper Kyo I renamed him to Benitora after the character and means Red Tiger in Japanese. It doesn’t have anything to do with his appearance really, but I like it anyway. It ultimately became Tora (Tiger).
  43. I named mom’s Chihuahua Inuyasha, not because of his appearance (again) but because the name means demon dog and I thought it was cool.
  44. Turned out it also reflects his personality as well! :’D
  45. My first gaming console was my purple Gameboy advance. And my uncle got me a Harry Potter game for Gameboy color with it… it got returned though. Can’t remember what I got instead.
  46. For my twelfth birthday I got my Nintendo DSi.
  47. That’s when I started to play Pokemon for real.
  48.  I didn’t like Barbie as a child.
  49. I want to visit Thailand, Chile, Europe (France, Germany, Denmark, Finnland, England ect.), America (IMATS, Six flags, New Jersey, New York) and the north part of Sweden to see  northen lights.
  50. I wrote this instead of doing my English homework!

Congratulations if you made it here *hands virtual cookie*!


// Nyancy