First day out in a week and a half.

Out of the house, that is.

So yeah, yesterday was nice! I felt really relaxed all day. After the gym I walked around in the city just looking. I walked in to Gamestop (found nothing I wanted/could buy), Carlings (meh, they had stuff but nothing I really wanted to buy) and finally Monki. Monki has never failed me. Their clothes are really nice and I like their sizes. I’m plus-sized and their clothes have a really good fit on me. Even their M/L labeled clothes are a little big! And I like baggy clothes~ c: Yesterday I was determined that I wouldn’t find anything… but I was wrong. While flipping through the clothes under the shelves marked SALE (worth noting is that there were about ten of them all over the store) I found two spring/summer jackets that I liked but I thought, “they’re jackets… they must be like 250 or 300 SEK at least”. Turned out I was wrong… again! >w< They were 100 SEK each. In need of a jacket I bought the navy blue one with snaps and left the black one with regular buttons behind. :3

DSC_0009Four large pockets and lacing at the waist.


Three-quarter sleeves.

DSC_0008kmIt has a hood… all the textile jackets I’ve had haven’t had one ;w;  Loving this jacket!

As you can see the jacket is pretty big, even on me and it’s a size medium/large. Probably why it’s on sale. I’m happy atleast! >w<

OH! And today I received two of the three things I ordered from Amazon UK!

Bild 2013-01-04 kl. 15.26I got this one for my camera:

97116589-260x260-0-0_SanDisk+SanDisk+16GB+Extreme+III+SDHC+Memory+Card+And this one for my Nintendo 3DS XL:


 The last thing I’m waiting for is still a secret! :3 Checked at noon and it was at the postoffice 7 o’ clock so maybe I can pick it up tomorrow. Checked now and it arrived at the convenience store not so long ago :’3 I can pick it up tomorrow before going to the Zumba work-out with Marcus and Robin then! :D

I’m going to eat now and then do some major cleaning in my room… it looks terrible :c I haven’t minded until now but when you can’t find stuff, it’s time to do something! I don’t like cleaning but when I really have to, I’ll organize the shit out of everything and it can take up to two days! >w<‘

Bye guys!

// Nyancy


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