Pokemon X and Y

gsm_169_PokemonXY_ot_010813_640The broadcast started with pikachu talking. So cute, haha!

The news from the Pokemon Direct that got broadcasted today was HUGE, predictable but HUGE. It’s predictable because we either wanted a Ruby/Sapphire remake or the next generation!


So the games introduced were for the Nintendo 3DS (Thank god! Not being able to play this one would be really sad. And that would be a game on Wii U >w<‘). The games will include characters, environment and pokemon in 3D.


The three new starters were also introduced!

pokemon-x-and-y6 pokemon-x-and-y7 pokemon-x-and-y5As always (well, almost always) I’ll choose the fire-starter! And now that I think about it, Fennekin looks like our dog! Haha.

I absolutely believe that they will be great games. And I can’t wait for more information and the 6th gen! :D

I hope that you’re as exited as me~

// Nyancy


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