Yummy gifts from Thailand! :D

It randomly started snowing today… the day I decided to put on my summer jacket (Doesn’t really bother me though, I stay warm anyway… I just wish I’d brought my mittens :’c M-my fingers!).

On the last 20 minute walk home, it started “raining” snow. Cold, fast, visible snow. I like snow and I was in a really content mood so I just felt that it was really pretty. The air was already cold so it didn’t get any colder.



Miss anon was in Thailand the whole winter break and she brought back two type of snacks to me! :D

The sweet one is a pack of almond sticks from the brand Hajuku! They are biscuit sticks coated with chocolate and crushed almonds. In other words very similar to Pocky but the actual stick taste like puff pastry and the combination (puff pastry, chocolate and almonds) is really good!

almond sticks by hajukuLove how they are assuring us that it is real chocolate and almond haha!

When Anon’s father was in Thailand last summer, I got two packs each of strawberry and blueberry sticks (from the same brand). They were also very good!

Then Miss Anon also gave me 3 packs of Pretz, the pizza flavored one. Pretz are from the same brand as Pocky, i.e. Glico. They are breadsticks powdered with seasoning. And they kind of taste like a calzone (ham, cheese, tomato and champignons) with a spicy after-taste of what I asume is paprika because of the front haha. pretz with pizza flavorThat’s what I got. It’s so nice of her to give them to me! So… thank you Ballerina~

I really recommend both, try ’em if you get the opportunity! :D

// Nyancy


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