Actually being productive today!

Went to bed at 4 in the morning but because I couldn’t afford to wake up late in the afternoon, I set my clock at 10.30. So that’s when I woke up! ^^20130113-113718.jpgAte toast with scrambled eggs and drank butterscotch tea ❤ But before I could eat my sick mother asked if I could take down the christmas curtains. I did but only the three short ones (you only see one of them) before breakfast. The looong one in the front I did afterwards!


20130113-115619.jpgIt was also time to strip the Christmas tree and put it away. Tora wanted to help me… by looking at the ornaments while they shook as I took ’em off. :’D

20130113-133334.jpgA fist full of hearts~

20130113-133742.jpgAnd the balls were put back. Looking forward to next Christmas, haha.

20130113-133808.jpgI actually started cleaning an hour before sleeping. This night table have all my DVDs now~

20130113-134105.jpgBuried the ugly stuff with stuffed animals.

20130113-134243.jpgMy nail polishes are on one shelf and I have random jewelry + body-stuff on the other.

20130113-134337.jpgFinally I organized the makeup I use after weeks of having them in a pile haha!

That’s what I’ve done so far. Now comes the mentally frustrating part of the things I’ve got to do. English homework, a comic based on Marja Ruta’s print “Skolstart” and study for the test in Christianity that I didn’t do last year.

I’m not good with dates or names so the test will be hell tomorrow. Can’t wait! :c

// Nyancy

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