Trying to work, end up here!

Hi guys! Sitting in a deserted classroom with some friends, trying to complete the art video because it’s presentation-time tomorrow! It isn’t going very well. Joel and Marcus were on 4chan for quite some time before I stole the computer… to write this. :c

And we don’t have anyone to help us with the actual video so we can’t record either. Then we realised that we can’t find the artwork on the internet so… we’re pretty much sitting here, working on the last assigment: do your own interpretation.
The comic I’m trying to make takes quite some time and it doesn’t really look like a comic because I’m trying to tell the story in as few panels as possible.

We’re failing miserably.

And I should head back to work.

Oh and the test in religion went so, so bad because I studied the wrong papers!

Guess I have to do magic on the big test instead, haha.

// Nyancy

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