The panic.

My right snakebite almost closed today! The ball got really loose… and fell off, two times! Seems like the inner “spiral” is worn down so I have to throw it away :c It’s the only 4 mm ball I have left (except the one I have on already). Anyway, I couldn’t screw it on again so I walked around with just the labret on (inside out) for 2 hours while walking around in/to Gothenburg’s art museum and then back to school. It was not fun… at all :c The labret fell of three times too. The second and last time I almost didn’t find it! ;__; I was lucky that my friends were there because Anna found it for me. ❤

Skärmavbild 2013-01-16 kl. 21.56.35

 It might seem like I’m exaggerating but I don’t want to re-pierce it… the right side is where my piercer hit a nerve. And it hurt like hell! QAQ

When I came to school, I washed my hands and did put it in correctly to then screw on the ball as tight as possible. It stayed there until now. Going to change the balls in a moment!

ee461df0f21501d7585fe6042a040f8b-802485242Old gif, same me (waving bye, bye)~

 // Nyancy


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