My last graphic lesson!

Yesterday I had what might’ve been the last lesson in graphics… ever. Q_Q I have to admit that I was mental on the lessons last year though. They were 2 h and 45 minute long and they were so slow! I would jump around (or shake my leg) and wish for lunch like (almost) everybody else! But it was fun working with Lena (first semester) and Thomas (second semester)!

With Lena we did linoleum prints.

rock your socks off!Second assignment: Use a picture found in a news paper.

We were supposed to learn how to shade nicely with this one. We did another print before this one but I can’t find it :c It was an Ex Libris mark. So basically we wrote our names and did whatever we wanted to have on it. I did a kitty!
mommy dear

Third assignment: Use a picture you can find at home (I think) and make two linoleum plates to get a two color-print.
I used a picture of my mom. She was around 12 in this photo and it was taken in Chile. This is just a small part of the original picture, which features my grandmother and my mother’s siblings. I really like the picture~

267884_10150345154586521_801497_nAlso, I used brown as the second color because it’s my mom’s favorite color.

We did the prints on regular copy paper and rice paper.

With Thomas we did dry point and etching prints.

Snake lady

Assignment: Make a half human/animal dry point print.

To make us learn, we carved this one on clear plastic. And it was really nice! You could also put the plate on an overhead projector and see how the finished thing would turn out!


Assignment: Dry point “pal portrait” on copperplate.

Did my cat Tora because I can’t make realistic people, let alone ‘blind’ on a copperplate! D: Besides I love my cat~

Gothenburg bridges

Assignment: Make a place in Gothenburg.

The bridge on the print is ‘Älvsborgsbron’ in Gothenburg and I took the original picture while we drove past it, a year or two ago. This is the only etching print we did. And I really like the scratches that were there before because it looks like it’s raining!

As a first time trying linoleum I was pretty good…

I’m lying. I was pretty bad. :’c I got confused with the whole “the surface that’s left will be the print”-thing because we usually do the opposite. And I’m really bad with cutting out things… even on paper! >w<

I learned a lot anyway and I will definitely try dry point and linoleum again. The supplies aren’t that hard to find (maybe the etching press… but as long as I go on my school I can use the press there!)

Oh well I should stop writing now. Have a nice continuation of this Friday!

Side note: The last two lessons after winter break we did our own projects but I couldn’t bring it home because it was wet! So I will upload it in a week.

// Nyancy


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