Rayman Origins 3DS review

Will contain some spoiler(s).

I played though Rayman Origins during the winterbreak and finished right before starting school again, therefor I wasn’t able to write this until now! Leeet’s start!

rayman origins

I didn’t get the Nintendo 3DS when it first came out, instead I preordered the Nintendo 3DS XL. Now, one of the first demo’s I downloaded was Rayman Origins. And it reminded me of being a eight-year-old girl again, playing  Rayman Advance on Gameboy Advance. But with better artwork and music.

I’m bad at telling stories so let’s just professionals do it:

At the beginning of the game, Rayman and his friends – Globox and the Teensies – are sleeping at the Snoring Tree. With them is the Bubble Dreamer, the jovial god who created their world, the Glade of Dreams. A nearby microphone, disguised as a flower, picks up the sound of the heroes’ snoring, amplifying it and transmitting it to the subterranean Land of the Livid Dead. The undead beings who live there, infuriated by this incessant snoring, launch an invasion on the Glade of Dreams, ambushing and capturing Rayman and his friends. When they escape, they find that the Bubble Dreamer has gone quite mad. The Livid Dead have been joined in their invasion by hundreds of other enemies, who have captured and imprisoned the Electoons – small, pink energy creatures that hold the world together. Now the Glade of Dreams has begun to disintegrate. In order to heal the Bubble Dreamer’s mind and restore harmony and balance to the Glade, the heroes must free the Electoons from cages hidden across the world – if they fail, their universe will vanish like a bad dream.

Energy creatures called Lums are scattered throughout every level in the game; at the end of each level, the heroes give the Lums they have collected to the Magician, a friendly character who counts them in a large test tube. In exchange for a certain number of Lums, the Magician gives the heroes Electoons. He also makes occasional appearances at the beginning of a level, to give the heroes advice and instructions. The hub from which the player can access levels and choose characters is the Snoring Tree. As the player frees more Electoons, more characters become available, but all are variations of Rayman, Globox and the Teensies. – Rayman Origins page, RayWiki

Sounds like fun, right? The first place you play through is Jibberish Jungle (the fifth course ‘Swinging Caves’ is one of the three courses in the demo), in total there’s 12 places (11 playable) and 60 courses (there’s three kinds: the 2D platform-, the tricky treasure chase- and the mosquito shooting-course).

And every place has a beautiful setting and it’s own music! A few examples are:

Ticklish Templesskate-rayman-origins-wallpaper-
wallpapers-of-rayman-origins-Sea of Serendipityrayman-origins-wallpaper-1Angsty AbyssRaymanOrigins_PreE3_HD_Underwater Just by these pictures you can tell that the sceneries are amazing! There’s a lot of depth with the layers and the 3D doesn’t provide that much more to the background but I still love it.

When it comes to the music it’s really fitting in all the environments. In the underground part of Gourmand Land for example, where it’s hot and fiery with cooking equipment and food everywhere, the music is very ‘flamenco’ and spanish. It sounds like a fun latin party!

My personal favorite, both visually and musically is the course Freaking Flipper in The Sea of Sirendipity. The first part has my favorit song in it, with the lums singing hypnotically. The scenary at 3:57 is my favorite visually (the person playing in the video seems to think the same!).

Now comes the part where I tell you what I liked less! I only have two thing that I didn’t like really, and it is that they replaced the Mr. Darky/Magician chase from the Wii/PS3/X-box-version to a mosquito shooting-course in the 3DS version! When looking up how to defeat the damn metal bird I also saw the chase and was terrified but super exited… but instead I got a mosquito shooting… only! D: I was so dissapointed because I was sooo looking forward to it and also… riding the mosquito is my least favorite type of course. It’s a shame but that’s how it is.
The second thing is that you can’t play as all the characters shown on the art above, on the 3DS-version. I want to try playing as a teensie…

Hope you liked my review! See you tomorrow!

// Nyancy


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