The start of the new year…

…school schedule wise anyway.

This semester officially started today. All the courses that continues stays where they are (so that’s good) but I also got some new ones. Science, “security and work environment “, the other half of “image construction B” (the first one being sculpture)  and illustration replaces the graphic-lessons (it’s two subjects in one course and we’ve been pendling between them).

I was really bad at science in 6th to 9th grade so I don’t know how I will do but I will try my best! 

I hope we doesn’t get the same teacher as last time in illustration… she was so boring and the other half of the class’s teacher did fun assignments! They worked with comics and cool illustrations (the seven deadly sins)… I want to do that too…

We had our first security and work environment lesson today and we’re going to learn about the rights we have when we start working, interview a person that is working with our “dream job” and how to write a resume and a personal letter. Today we just made a timeline and wrote/drew down what we want to do in five years and the inbetween. I think that it’ll be a good course to have!

Since I slept so late and woke up so damn early today, my bed is pulling me towards it. See you tomorrow!

Skärmavbild 2013-01-21 kl. 19.01.01Tora’s laying on my lap :’D

// Nyancy


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