The sun was up when I woke up.

Hi guys! I overslept with three hours today. Missed my Swedish lesson but as usually, they did nothing. It’s a shame though. That hour and a half is good attendance. :c
Had to hurry though, woke up 30 minutes before I had to go to catch the bus. And then I arrived at school an half hour before science class started. I met Anna in the entrance so we walked up to the third floor together. Eora, Miss anon, Rapuncel, Sofia and Merielle were already outside the classroom.
Science was cool. Our teacher Ola seems like a nice teacher. We had a vote on what subject we should read about… and we could chose between “How much water should our food cost?”, “Scampi or coral reefs?”, “What should we do with the rain forrest?” and “GMO- threat or possibility”. We choose the hardest one (GMO)! QwQ I voted on it so I shouldn’t complain! I just wish that he’d said so earlier, never the less I believe that it will be interesting.


We also did an experiment/competition. Everybody got a paper with the assignment: You and your friends land on the moon but 200 km away from the base. You have your suits on but will need to walk and can’t take everything with you. Rank the items below from 1-15. 1 being the most important.
First we were two in each group to then be four. When we were four, we compared our answers and did the final order. Then: moment of truth. We compared our answers with the choices of actual astronauts . 2 points for the same answer as them and 1 point for a nearby answer. The first group didn’t care to count their points, the second group got 5 points… and the group I was in got 18-20 points (we couldn’t decide on one item)!
When the teacher announced that we won (and said jokingly that we would go to the moon), I cheered but our counter Rapuncel looked terrified :’D I started laughing so hard.

After school I went in to Åhlens and Kicks to find my beauty swap-products. I think I know what to get Samantha soooo I’m exited! ^_^ Probably should bring money with me though… not having money on my bank account is frustrating but atleast I can’t impulse shop! ;D

// Nyancy


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