50 things about me-tag.

Yep, totally answering a youtube-tag again… because I’m bored!

  1. I was named Nancy by my parents…
  2. But I could’ve been named ‘Natalie’!
  3. I don’t like my thai middle name because I always say it so awkwardly.
  4. My dad calls me by my middle name (which is fine).
  5. I was born in Gothenburg.
  6. I started drawing manga when I was in 4th grade I believe.
  7. And I used this book: Bild 2013-01-22 kl. 22.00
  8. I was horrible at drawing but at the time I thought that I was really, really good. So I continued (thank god).
  9. W.I.T.C.H. was the first ‘manga’ styled comic I bought (found out that it was from Italy a couple of months later through a girl magazine called Julia).9789172694576_large_kandrakars-hjarta-bok-1_pocket
  10. The series led me to want to start drawing.
  11. The actual first manga book I bought was Ranma 1/2 (volume 24)!
  12. Reds, bright pinks and black are my favorite colors.
  13. I wouldn’t describe what I wear as fashion… :’D
  14. Spending large amount of money on one item/product/piece is a no-no (it feels like such a waste). Exception does occur but not very often.
  15. I’m socially awkward with people I don’t know.
  16. Usually don’t like when staff comes up to me in stores.
  17. But I like when they are nice behind the counter! Rather that they are overly happy than rude.
  18. Been addicted to biting on my nails since I was about ten. Wanted to stop though since I was in third grade.
  19. Only achieved stopping last year!
  20. The reason was that I wanted to be able to wear nail polishes without being ashamed.
  21. Started working on Volvo right after getting them to an average length which made me relapse for a few months (I couldn’t have them at that length without my fingertips hurting really badly).
  22. OPI is my favorite nail polish brand.
  23. I procrastinate all the time.
  24. I don’t do things before it’s really late or too late.
  25. My room is messy, even after cleaning it.
  26. And that’s because I have a lot of stuff.
  27. I don’t like giving away originals of things I do. It feels like I’m giving away a piece of myself.
  28. I also don’t throw away sketches or illustrations.
  29. Or things I’ve recieved!
  30. I’ve slept in the same bed for 13 years.
  31. I don’t know what I want to be when I “grow up”.
  32. Mira Grant’s The news flesh-series are my favorite books!
  33. John Ajvide Lindquist (wrote Let the right one in) is my favorite autor.
  34. I have around 600 manga-comics in my room.
  35. But I’ve read so much more.
  36. I prefer reading physical copies rather than digital.
  37. I’m a slow reader.
  38. Makeup wise I like anything bright, bold and glittery!
  39. I don’t like lipgloss. It’s so sticky and always get caught in my hair!
  40. Tora is my cat but originally I wanted Panter (became my brother’s cat because my mother told me that I’ll get the cat after him. We got both cat’s almost simultaneously, I was just too impatient to wait for Tora. Panter died a few years ago after not coming home for a few year before that. He stayed in the neighborhood so we suspect that someone “adopted him”. He got hit by a car).
  41. I couldn’t for the world decide what to name him, so I named him the most unoriginal cat name: Tiger.
  42. When I’d read Samurai Deeper Kyo I renamed him to Benitora after the character and means Red Tiger in Japanese. It doesn’t have anything to do with his appearance really, but I like it anyway. It ultimately became Tora (Tiger).
  43. I named mom’s Chihuahua Inuyasha, not because of his appearance (again) but because the name means demon dog and I thought it was cool.
  44. Turned out it also reflects his personality as well! :’D
  45. My first gaming console was my purple Gameboy advance. And my uncle got me a Harry Potter game for Gameboy color with it… it got returned though. Can’t remember what I got instead.
  46. For my twelfth birthday I got my Nintendo DSi.
  47. That’s when I started to play Pokemon for real.
  48.  I didn’t like Barbie as a child.
  49. I want to visit Thailand, Chile, Europe (France, Germany, Denmark, Finnland, England ect.), America (IMATS, Six flags, New Jersey, New York) and the north part of Sweden to see  northen lights.
  50. I wrote this instead of doing my English homework!

Congratulations if you made it here *hands virtual cookie*!


// Nyancy


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