Icy ends.

When I went downstairs to let our dog out it felt unusually cold but I just thought that it was because I had just woken up, so I didn’t think much of it.

Turned out I was wrong! When I walked outside my nose froze to ice and the air felt so thin. I used a different bag to be able to carry my laptop and I thought that I’d forgotten my bus card so I had to run back home just to realize that it was in my jacket the whole time… not the extra afford I wanted to make today.

Halfway to the busstop I looked down to the ground and realized that my ends and scarf had frozen to ice due to my breath!


It has never happened before tbh so I was very surprised. I remember  when my teacher told me that she’d gone out with wet hair one winter as a child and she broke a strand of hair in two (not the greatest first thought after seeing icy ends).

Now I’m at school with Marcus and Robin, just waiting for my image construction-class to start. We’re going to do big portraits of ourselves!

Bild 2013-01-23 kl. 11.32Will be writing a haul when I come home!

// Nyancy

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