Mini-haul at Kicks (+ rude cashier)!

I can’t really show you the true beauty of the products without having them on (the lighting doesn’t make them justice at all) so I will wait to reveal what colors I bought when I can take pictures and wear them in natural lighting! ^^

Anyway, this is what I bought to myself while buying the products to the beauty swap:

Skärmavbild 2013-01-23 kl. 19.28.36
Lumene Blueberry Long-wear Crystal eyeshadow (solo) and OPI liquid sand.

I am loving the colors but it’ll be more exiting if you don’t see this really bland picture. Instead I’m giving them both reviews~ ^^ So stay in tune for that!

Now to the storytelling! When I stood at the checkout in Kicks this middle aged cashier walked behind the counter and started chatting with me. She brought up the nail polish because I took the last one of the color. I thought “ah, this is nice”. But then when she had scanned in everything and said the price, I noticed that it was a 100 SEK more than I had calculated it to be. So I said “Oh but these two are  half prised” where as she replied “no I don’t think so, let me go check”.

I thought “wow.. just wow, she doesn’t know about the products at the sale-table but she knows that I took the last of a certain OPI-color??!”. The funny thing is that I saw the reduced price on their website yesterday so I knew that I was right.

She came back saying “it didn’t say anything in the system but let’s go with that”… I could only answer “good”. She made it sound like I was saying something totally random and she just went along with it! Please. I looked at the receipt and it said 50 % off so I payed the right price in the end. It really annoyed me because I couldn’t have been the only one buying products from that table since Christmas and they had the reduced price on their website!

*breath in and forget*

The reviews will probably be up on Saturday. Because that’s when I can take pictures before the sun goes down!

// Nyancy

One thought on “Mini-haul at Kicks (+ rude cashier)!

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