Ran around and had some fun instead…

fda8b852ca46373569da90ed293a75d9-828729032I will definitely be home tomorrow so I’ll take the photos when the “sun” is up and then write the reviews! It’s such a bummer that the sun hasn’t peaked out these past two days! Before that it was shining super-bright *just my luck…*!

Zumba was fun and almost identical to last time so I remembered some things but somewhere in the middle I was so tired that my body didn’t really catch up with what I was telling it to do! :’D Marcus complained afterwards that the music was bad and that it was silly but… I saw through Mr. Macho’s words. He liiiiked it~ ^^

Afterwards we went to Gamestop because Marcus wanted to buy Far cry 3 but he didn’t buy it because it was 600 SEK/92$/69€/59£. Then we walked up the avenue to get something to eat/drink, we bought our stuff and headed to Robin’s apartment(!).

I haven’t told you guys but Robin moved from the guest cabin of his parents house on the country side to an apartment that an elderly man (that Robin’s “dad” knows) lives in. It’s central and pretty close to school!


The view of the inner courtyard from Robins balcony! We will have an awesome summer right here.

Marcus and Robin wanted to play an old, strategy game so I layed down on Robins bed and started replying Milia’s Nintendo letters (and then played some Pullblox) ❤ I got really restless and then tired after a while so after annoying the guys, I took a little nap. With my scarf over my face, I slept for about half an hour. Now I understand why animals put their tail on their nose. Instant warmth~

When the computer suddenly closed the game, they woke me up and we walked down to the street. Robin wanted to buy some clothes in the building where we bought snacks so we parted ways. Marcus and I continued down the avenue. On our way to the centralstation we figured that we could stop by at GAME and Rocks. I found a three for two sale on ds-games but I can’t buy them because it’s too expensive still… would’ve been awesome to have bought Pucca Power up, Daffy Amuck and Ivy the Kiwi thou’. ;_; Marcus really wanted to buy Far Cry 3 so he bought it at Rocks for the same price as in Gamestop.

All’s well that ends well~

// Nyancy


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