Lumene Blueberry long-wear crystal eyeshadow in Archipelago.

As I mentioned here, the reviews are finally being written! I thought that I would start with the eyeshadow I bought!

When I tried the color in the store I just felt like I had to have it! Since it’s been Christmas not too long ago and the stores are still having their big sales (until the end of January), I bought it on the sale for 55 SEK/6.32 EURO/8.50 USD instead of the double!

So this is Lumene’s Blueberry long-wear crystal eyeshadow in the color Archipelago. It’s a lilac based eyeshadow with blue shimmer. It doesn’t contain paraben’s and is not scented. DSC_0032 DSC_0039In the store I didn’t need to press at all to get a really opaque  amount of product on my finger, which impressed me. When I got home I tried sweeping through the new shadow and the same thing didn’t happen. I’m pretty sure that’s because the one at the store had been loosened by all the people trying it. Nonetheless If you want the new color to be really bright (like me), just add on layers until you’re satisfied!

DSC_0043This is three layers of eyeshadow on top of primer.

With the amount of product on my brush I was surprised that the fallout was two dots on my cheek bone (that I just brushed away when I was done)! So that is good.

So far I really like this eyeshadow! The only things I don’t like with it is the price (I don’t know if it’s because I’m a student but 110 SEK for one eyeshadow is a bit much) and the packaging. I understand that they choose the color of blueberries because the line uses blueberry seed oil. But the shiny, navy blue plastic looks a bit cheap. I probably wouldn’t have bought if if it wasn’t on sale. Glad I did though!

If you’re able to buy it I do recommend it~

// Nyancy


2 thoughts on “Lumene Blueberry long-wear crystal eyeshadow in Archipelago.

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