Swedish Glossybox, February 2013!

It’s that time of the month again, Glossybox time! It was Valentine’s day this month so the box is different with it’s black base and fushia ribbon. DSC_0579But that’s where the Valentine’s part end (unlike the rumors that we’d only get chocolate in the box! >w<‘) . The theme this month is hair and lips. I mostly got hair-related products but since I don’t really take care of my hair, I’m fine with it. So what did I get?


1. Maria Nila Stockholm Swedish Therapy Oil (intense moisture)DSC_0586

“A Swedish, nurturing hair oil with Lingonberry seed oil that contains antioxidants which protects against free radicals. It’s rapidly absorbed and makes the hair smooth and shiny without getting greasy.”
It smells very pleasent and it’ll be fun to try it out. Really hoping the “without getting greasy”-part is true!
The full-sized product is 199 SEK/50 ml. And the bottle I got is 10 ml.

2. Masty Superpac (intensive Reconstuctor and Conditioner)DSC_0587

“Masty have used ingrediens that is good for both the environment and hair for 25 years. This conditioner strenghten damaged hair with rice protein (among other things). Your hair gets stronger, soft and shiny without getting heavy.”
The conditioner smells really sweet, I like it~ I have “damaged hair” checked on my beauty profile because I’ve bleached my hair several times and also because my mother’s hair is very worn. I don’t really use conditioner so my mother will get this one.
The full-sized bottle is 119 SEK/236 ml. And the bottle I got is 59 ml.

3. Modelco Lip Enhancer Illusion Lip Liner in nude.DSC_0589 DSC_0588

“Make the perfect pout and the illusion of fuller lips. Wax along with cacao- and shea butter protects your lips. Apply lightly on your lip-line. Has a built-in sharpener.”
It’s cool that its nude because I can’t recall seeing a nude lip liner before (usually they’re pink or red). I told my friend yesterday that I don’t use lipstick anymore because I don’t have a lip liner… and I got one (same with the eyeliner in last month’s Glossybox)!
This is the full-sized product and it’s 195 SEK if I were to buy it.

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo OriginalDSC_0590

“A classic and “best in test-winner” that gives you a newly washed-feel to your hair, perfect to refresh your hair between washes. Apply to your roots for instant refreshing and volume.” 
I am a fan of dry shampoo’s but the smell of this particular one isn’t great. I know what they have one that smells like cherry so that’s one I want to try! But I’m sure they have other great scents, anyone that has a favorite?
Full-sized product is 69 SEK/200 ml. And the bottle I got is 50 ml.

5. Modelco Cheek + Lip Tint in Rose RedDSC_0591

“Get the perfect “natural rosy cheeks and nice colored lips”-illusion that lasts long. Dab a small amount of the Gel formula on your cheeks and lips”
Since this one was a success in the New Year’s Glossybox, they put it in this one too. Therefor I got two now. I don’t mind though! I love lip tints and this one is so expensive that I don’t mind having a backup!
This is the full-sized product and it costs 155 SEK/10 ml.


The bonus in this Glossybox is a “get 100 SEK off if you buy things for atleast 500 SEK”-code at Zalando… not anything I can use this month since I’m going to Edinburgh on the 18th!

That was all folks~ I’m satisfied with what I got in my box and I’m looking forward to the next one!
If you’re subscribed to a beauty box and has written/talked about this month’s  box, please let me know. I’d love to know what’s in other people’s boxes (both internationally and Swedish)! Until next time, bye~

// Nyancy

Sylveon theories.

The biggest Pokemon-question right now (that’s circulating in different social media sites) is what all the starter Pokemon are going to have as their second type when they evolve. A not so popular guess is Fennekin being fire/fighting, since we already have Combusken, Inferape and Pignite. That’s not what I want to talk about though, but the second biggest question: what is Sylveon, eevee’s new evolution,’s type going to be! tumblr_misgh2GLHS1r2katno1_500Now, I was convinced by this picture that the answer must beee: 155279_416394211778144_166625006_n“GameFreak probably decided an evolution for each special type a long time ago. It was that til gen 4. Why change now?” sounds like a perfectly good guess. Eevee being able to evolve into all the different types sounds really cool but I like the color guess even better! It really is the same colors as the 3rd generation type-icons so it must be it right… right?

Nope, I’m not done yet!

I was sure that that must’ve been it until I came across this gif:tumblr_mip7trluNH1s4o1sbo1_500
Wobuffet it is then!

Not only does all the others have it’s weakness/superior (exept Jolteaon) but the English name is Sylveon and the Japanese name is Nympheon

Sylv mixed with nymph becomes Sylph (aka an air spirit).

Now I’m done. What do you think? I think it’s pretty clear that Sylveon is a flying-type~548781_341543059300030_1372112683_n
Hope you’re enjoying my Pokemon-posts… I don’t feel like writing about anything else tbh!

// Nyancy

sylveonIt has nothing to do with the subject but just look at it! Awh.

8 funny Pokemon comics!

After accidentally seeing not only one but several funny Pokemon comics on Facebook I felt obligated to share them with you guys!

419230_342948022492867_1233629889_nPoor Jean, what if he ever wants to hug one of them…
(I know that the logic behind this picture is a bit off but c’mon, it’s still funny!)
545766_342550805865922_1175738759_nMagicarp just ruin Feebas chances of becoming a Milotic, let us all take a moment of silence (if you’re not laughing as hard as I am!).734870_341604522627217_664057277_nNo, just no… I would never abandon Kyogre! Zubat knows why it’s there though. (((>A>66926_342507019203634_202506530_nWhy didn’t  I think of this before… *shiver*. I hope they’re two old, long haired men! ;D66926_342508985870104_1086458812_nI think I’ve seen Gyarados smile before… and he’s actually very sweet!548781_341543059300030_1372112683_nSo cute!69242_466761396723339_637977952_nCan’t handle the fabulousness that is Brycen!426069_338285486290040_749401102_nSilly, silly Gold~

And a (non-comic) bonus because I love this one!

377577_265007286965667_96136165_nEnjoyed spreadin’ the Pokemon love this lovely Sunday evening but it’s time for me to sleep. I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


// Nyancy

It’s still quite a few months left so take what’s written with a pinch of salt! >w<)b
I'm sure some of it is true though (otherwise I wouldn't reblog)~

My Nintendo News

xerneasDetails on the upcoming Nintendo 3DS-exclusives Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are scarce, as both of them were announced just last month. Nevertheless, there are plenty of rumorsfloating around the web suggesting that, when the two games arrive, they will bring significant changes to the series. For example, they are said to introduce a new key item called the ‘Whistle,’ which can supposedly be used once per battle to wake up a Pokémon or snap it out of confusion. Feel free to read numerous rumors on the two games in the list below. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will be released worldwide in October.

  • Main characters are Jean and Jane; names are non-customizable
  • Trainer now appears in the bottom screen during battle, with a speech bubble interface holding the trainer commands inside
  • Trainers now have their own leveling system that affects how in-game NPCs react to you and grants…

View original post 511 more words

Weekend funsies!

I’m going to list what I’m going to do this weekend! :D


  • the movies I borrowed from the library yesterday! I’ve already watched The Flowers of War (highly recommended If you want to both cry floods and smile/laugh) and have Lord of the Flies (1963) left. Kind of read the book in english (didn’t manage to read the end) so it will be interesting to see the movie interpretation.

Lord-of-the-Flies-1963-Hollywood-Movie-Watch-Online 600full-the-flowers-of-war-cover

  • the post-midseason finale episodes of The walking dead and Once Upon a Time.The-Walking-Dead-Season-3-Poster
  • Les Miserables in theater… alone. Everyone else cancelled on me :c Might see something else though, so I can see it with them some other day. The seats available are crappy anyway!les_miserables_french-poster
  • season one of Adventure Time!adventure-time-with-finn-and-jake-3

Play (+ maybies)…

  • large-1Harvest Moon Tale of two towns (The majors are not fighting as much as in the beginning, I’ve got more money. I also have two chickens,  a full grown cow and a lamb. Life in Konohana is goooood~)
  • Pokemon-black-2-white-2-wallpaper-pokemon-black-version-2-and-white-version-2-32031323-900-675Maybe some Pokemon Black 2. Honesty time: I have not come far in the game! Stress made me not want to play it and now I don’t feel like it! Should try tomorrow nonetheless >w<
  • prof-layton-wallpaperMaybe continue Professor Layton and the curious village… been a while now. Got stuck at an area-calculation puzzle. TIME TO PULL MYSELF TOGETHER LIKE A SIR!

I should probably do some have-to-do’s too but I’d rather not think about it right now. Have a great weekend everybody! See you tomorrow~ I still have the surprise-post (that I promised you) left to write. Hint: It’s beauty-related.

// Nyancy

Mr. Aconitum.

Went to Joel with Madeleine last Friday. It was really nice~ We walked to the highest spot on Brännö (he lives on the island), saw 3 cute and super cuddly cats (two being Joel’s and the last one we encountered on our way to the boat! He/she really wanted to cuddle~ We got followed until we had to take the boat… I WANT TO SEE THAT CAT AGAIN!) and I made Joel into a aconitum (for my project)!

DSC_0429On the way to the top~DSC_0435… she just wanted the good hay!DSC_0437That eating face, haha!

DSC_0438The view at the top! So pretty~DSC_0440“Bitch, I’m fabulous”DSC_0446Madeleine tried to peak inside… I don’t know what she saw, but it probably wasn’t anything intriguing :c DSC_0450Mysterious Madeleine… almost looked like regular Joel! :’D DSC_0464Mr. cool~DSC_0466Aww~ DSC_0467You can’t handle this much fabulous!
DSC_0468We ate som major food when we got back.DSC_0469Enough messing around. Business time! 8DDSC_0472You wish… it took longer than it probably could’ve taken but to be fair, my shaking eyeliner hand was hard to control!DSC_0475Makeup and cat hair everywhere! Little Skruttan in the background~DSC_0477The looks-nothing-like-Joel-picture! When we were done… he was kind of unrecognizable! DSC_0478In the middle of the woods taking pictures while the snow was falling ❤DSC_0481Finished Joel. As I said on the o†her flower project-models, this is (completely unedited and) not the best picture! ^_^ Here’s the Aconitum-flower that inspired the look: ACONITUM

I had a lot of fun that day! Looking forward to do everyone else~

// Nyancy

Class doodles #1



The first one’s are two weeks old and the last one is from today~ Only a preview thought! This cutie is in a “How to…” comic. I’ll post the whole thing when I’m done. Maybe next week or this weekend.

// Nyancy

You likey? :3 *UPDATED*

New theme, new background and new gravatar-picture~ Yep I needed a change!


I currently have a picture that I took last Friday of the view from the highest peak of Brännö (an island), in the background. I’ll post the pictures from then, tomorrow. When spring comes I’ll change it~

I might change the theme again though. Not quite satisfied with the font! >w<‘

I’m going to upload some class doodles now so that’ll be the next post, see you soon! :D

*UPDATE* I chose really cute kitty tile and this theme instead. Satisfaction!
Also included the Brännö picture to the post hehe.

// Nyancy

Cookie covered english test-day.

Hey people! Hope you’ve had a good day!(?)

The English test on idioms, proverbs, prefixes, suffixes ect. went fiiiine~ I could’ve studied more (as always but hey, it would’ve probably slipped my mind anyway)… but didn’t. I half-read some of it today and just felt “this will be a hard one” but the things I worried about the most didn’t even come!

DSC00398 DSC00399DSC00412Walked to school at around 10.20 and the sun was out! ÖAÖ When I got to the cafeteria I’d called Robin around 20 times because I wanted to wake him up (he posted a status at around 3-4 in the morning so I assumed that he wasn’t awake), in the end I had to eat fish and potatoes alone (first time I’ve eaten in the cafeteria alone!). It was fine though, texted Marcus and played Harvest Moon while eating.

DSC00405 DSC00406When I sat down on a bench between second and third floor, Merielle spotted me. And she brought cookies (with the cutest yarn bow on the box) and a whopping 19 cupcakes!

DSC00407My bench beside the easel. Bags, jacket, scarf, english papers and cookies! >w< I put down the paint in the background to be able to take a picture hehe. I’ll show you my self portrait next week (I should be done by then)!

DSC00408A sticker in a bathroom stall on the first floor~ “Crush the coolness” 2×2 cm big. Saw it when I had to go after the test. I AGREE! >w<)b

DSC00409On my way to the tram, the two circled black-thingies on the picture was making the strangest noises! The fluttering one was jumping to the same branch as the other one and got irritated on it because it was in the way for its wings… *bird, just… no*

DSC00410All the people in the picture was on the same bus as me~ Reminded me of all the “meanwhile in Sweden”-bus stop pictures! Everyone’s walking within the “sidewalk” while I walked on the bicycle path *rebel*! x’3

That was all the picture I took today~ Have a nice continuation. (Are you watching the Playstation announcement? If I’m able to stay awake I will! Only because I’m curious about what it will look like, I’ll get a playstation 3 sometime in the near future *at the end of this year maybe* but my 3DS XL is my choice everytime ^_^ Still have a lot of games to get for it hehe)

I will post a game related- and a illustrations related post this week + a surprise, stay tuned for that! Until then, see ya.

// Nyancy

Last day of the Pocky contest!

Hi guys~ It just hit me that it’s the last day for the Pocky Royalty contest on Facebook (that I wrote about here)!!!

My entry is my header so if you like it and have facebook, I’d be so, so grateful if you liked my picture: Contest Entry. QwQ
It only takes a minute to do, right~

pocky derping

Stay awesome and spread the Pocky-lovin’ people! ^__^

// Nyancy

99 D A Y S left.

Good evening everybody~ I haven’t had the drive to post anything for three days now *sorry*!
The Mr. Aconitum post will get uploaded when I’m in the mood to finish writing it. But let us put that aside for now!

Today marks 99 days until I graduate high school and I had my first day at school in nine days… wasn’t as horrible as it could’ve been.
English was chill, I do have a major test on Wednesday though (on some stuff I probably won’t remember).
Religion was fine. The two-hour-lesson usually is a drag but today everything just flowed. The jokes also made everything funnier.


After some okay school food, Anna revealed that she’d made some cookies (in the shape of graduation caps and cats, she also made meringue) to celebrate the day and also her birthday (she turned 19 on the 16th). She brought coffee and squash (+ plastic cups, we just had to get water from the bathroom :3) to drink.

In the middle, Anna reminded me and Marcus that we hadn’t done our presentation. So I freaked out… turns out the teacher didn’t even remember everybody’s name(!!) so it’s cool. If he wants us to do it tomorrow we’ll just ask him to do it next week or something. I really don’t want to prepare a speech right now since I have to write a book report on a book I haven’t read all the way through. (TT_TT)b
Wish me good luck.. I’m going to need it.

Procrastination… it only feels good at the moment.

Skärmavbild 2013-02-18 kl. 21.16.43

See you tomorrow or so~


// Nyancy