Participating in the Pocky Royalty Contest!

Good morning everyone! When I got home yesterday I saw that Pocky’s FB-page had released the pictures that are in the contest early so I located my picture and saw that it had 9 likes! I was so happy and thankful~ I was expecting nothing tbh.

This is the picture I’m competing with:

Pocky royalty competition entry“The Only Thing You Need On Gloomy Days Is Pocky.”

Now, if you feel like it’s worth a:thumbs-up

I would be very happy if you liked it on Facebook: Pocky Royalty 2013 Entry.

The Pocky featured are (from front to back):

  • “Chocolate On Chocolate Mild” Pocky CreamyDoubleChocolateMild
  • “Belgian Taste: Pocky In, Dark Chocolate” Pocky PockyIn_DarkChocolate
  • “Belgian Taste: Pocky In, Milk Chocolate” Pocky PockyIn_MilkChocolate
  • Classic “Chocolate” Pocky PockyChocolate

I really recommend them all! “Chocolate on chocolate” has a thick layer of chocolate + some swirled chocolate around and “Pocky in’s” are like biscuit sticks you eat with ice cream. But yummier! If you haven’t tasted the original, that’s the never-strikes-wrong-card + you have to try it~

Thank you for reading and hopefully liking! See you after school ;D I’ll post what I got from Sheslookingatthestars in the Budget Beauty Blogger Swap! I’ll probably write about yesterday before that (from school).

// Nyancy

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