Professor Layton Package!

I’ve been wanting to play Professor Layton and the curious village for a really long time but since I couldn’t find it anywhere, I couldn’t. That changed when I turned 18 and discovered! DSC_0112The package was so small that the lady fetching it had to look in the computer twice! (it’s not that tiny though… a little smaller than A4) DSC_0113I really like this cover type the most~ (compared to the NA one)
DSC_0114The pretty menu~ The artwork is so pretty and antic!
DSC_0117“Ahoo hoo hoo” Silly Ramon~

DSC_0119Oh no, he didn’t! Doubting Professor is a no-no if Luke is near~

So far the game is great~ And the puzzles are so much fun!

I have to prepare for my party now but I’ll upload the pictures from it tomorrow! See you then~

// Nyancy


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