Birthday “party”!

All my wonderful friends has gone home now! It was fun, just sitting down around the living room while my brother and some friends took turns to play Super smash bros. brawl. I played some Professor Layton hehe. And Omnislashed too! Anyway not much to say really, I’ll just start dishing out the picture I was able to take (Anna and my parents took some too!)

DSC_0121Before exit to meet my friends at the busstop! My brother wore hi’s fox kigurumi and I, my hamster one!
DSC_0123 DSC_0124Oh our way! The sun was flippin’ shining!DSC_0125On our way to me!DSC_0133Pretty much our whole evening!DSC_0134Before the present-unwrapping begins!DSC_0138Madeleine being silly as usual <3
DSC_0143Arashi at Omnislashed, fab as usual!DSC_0147Opening Anna’s present~DSC_0150Anna, holding her own card to me!DSC_0158Everything I got~

(Making a separate post because I want to make this one short and I didn’t get good pictures at that moment)DSC_0164Lovisa, Ida and Anna figuring out which LOTR-character the Hamtaro-figurines I got from miss Anon were! So much fun watching them~
DSC_0166Ugliest cake ever haha! Poker face on to mask it though ;D “it’s supposed to look like this, really!”DSC_0169Still pretty satisfied with the taste and how the insides looked! It’s a radioactive neon cake~

DSC_0171 DSC_0172 DSC_0173 DSC_0174Silly and sophisticated people eating cake~

After this we watched “Melodifestivalen” and then everyone went home!

Very nice evening and that’s thanks to everybody coming~ You guys are the best! :3

2 thoughts on “Birthday “party”!

  1. HAHA! NU såg jag att du har censurerat mina behag… too kind, även om det inte finns så mycket att gömma där under. Puss påre’.

    • Well… <3 Du är en respektabel ung kvinna som inte ska flasha sina behag över hela internet (aka på ett litet inlägg bland miljarders miljarder)! Det var min plikt som interwebsets cencurerare att inte låta 10 wordpress människor gilla dina behag!
      You're most welcome my dear! :3

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