Edinburgh trip update.

I’m officially going. (Yeeessss~)

I had my doubts tbh, since my english-teacher said that the conditions for going is 1. don’t get a warning for failing class and 2. have 90% attendance (I skipped class at least once a week, the first five weeks… not knowing anyone took it’s toll). I am sure that I have skipped more than 10% but looking around at all the people going, some of them have been gone a lot more than me. Only two people are not going, and they didn’t sign up from the very start!

Really happy that I’m going though (and everybody else of course!).
We’ll be departing in the morning of the 25th of March and will be back in the afternoon of the 29th. Never been to Scotland so I’m really exited. The flight and stay is free which is really nice! ;w; We have to buy food (besides breakfast) ourselves and everything else.

We got the code to print out our boarding passes today. Which made it official in my mind, haha. We can’t print them out until two weeks before we’re actualy going though!

We also got the introduction to the work about Scotland. An oral presentation about a specific subject, involving Scotland. I teamed up with Linnea and Emma, we chose “Scotland in popular culture”. We came up with Brave and something more… that I can’t recall right now. If you have something, let me now! :D It would be very much appreciated~

Bild 2013-02-06 kl. 21.01

It’s only 5 weeks left! I can’t wait~

Feels good to have everything in order already! Bag, passport, booking nr. and the contact with my “Edinburgh friend”… now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I haven’t told you guys about it! Ö_Ö

We got an email each to mail because we have been paired up with a person studying Swedish on the University of Edinburgh. Not knowing who it was, we sent an email and waited for a reply. I mailed mine late/early Saturday so she didn’t reply until Monday evening. I got 19-year-old Sanni from Finland. She is really good at Swedish so I’ll see what I can help her with! I’m getting the feeling that I’m the one who will need help haha. I’m afraid that I won’t understand what regular people are saying :’c But I’m good at listening comprehension-exercises so hopefully I’ll be fine~

I have some important things to write now so this post have come to it’s end. See ya~

Bild 2013-02-06 kl. 21.02


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