Budget Beauty Blogger Swap-package!

This is so late and I’m really sorry! My birthday and school took over so I totally forgot to do this~

I swapped with Samantha and we both sent our packages exactly two week ago~ She received hers on the 28th and I received mine on my birthday (30th).
I was jumping around like crazy when I saw that the package was in the mailbox! I almost didn’t pick up the post that day, but 30th was my lucky day so I did in the end!

DSC_0104Four lavender tissue papers wrapping seven products~ Picture taken on the 30th.

I was really exited and ran back and forth to my mom to show her what I got!

The preferences I told Samantha was that I wanted products that I won’t find in Sweden + that I like bright colors.

When I realized how much she’d gotten me… I was sad that I couldn’t get her more (make-up is so expensive here :c). We’ve said that we’ll do this again, so when we do it I’ll pick the things I couldn’t buy her this time!

What she got me:

1. TOPSHOP by Lovise Gray, Cream blush duo

topshop blush topshop blushI don’t own a cream blush so this was wonderful! The bright orange and pink are really pigmented and pretty~

(I tried waiting until I could take a proper picture of everything before touching anything, unfortunately I didn’t succeed… so sorry for the fingerprints!)

2/3/4. Glam crystals, Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner and intense colour eyeliners.DSC_0229 DSC_0230

1. Collection, Glam crystals, dazzling gel liner in Shake it up!

2. Collection 2000,  Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner in Teal.

3. MUA, Intense colour eyeliner in Turquoise.

I’ve used every one of these and I have to say, they are amazing! I’m always a fan of glitter and the Glam Crystals is pretty and stay on all day~ The Extreme felt tip liner baffled me, it suuuper opaque and glued on once applied. I’m in love with it… fo’ reals!

Also, I used the turquoise one today, even though it’s very summery I made it work (and I will definitely use it more in summer). The sharpener is also very good (compared to similar ones I’ve used, this has been the god of all eyeliner sharpeners)!

5. Rimmel London Glam eyes HD

DSC_0233 This is Rimmel London’s Glam eyes HD in Green park. I haven’t used it yet but the colors are so beautiful! They are supposed to all be used on the eye at the same time so when I’ll wear it, I’ll try the colors as it says on the back, viz:

1. Outer corner 2. lid 3. highlighter 4. crease (I ordered them to my hand, not the packaging!)

6. Smooch Proof LipStain 16H NYC


New York Color’s Smooch Proof LipStain 16H in 491 Forever Freesia.

I. Love. This. One! Lipstains are awesome and this one is the best one yet! It stays on, makes my lips just the right color and just- it’s great.

I had totally forgot that I also said “lipstain” as a request to Samantha~

7. MUA Lipstick

DSC_0231This picture really doesn’t justify the beautyful orange! The flash totally washed the color away…

This is a Makeup Academy lipstick in Nectar. It’s as bright orange as the blush above and I don’t own an orange lipstick so it was a good choice in color~ I’m going to use this one a lot when the sun comes out!

☆ – ☆

That was everything! Thank you Samantha for the products (that exceeded the pricelimit of £10/€12/$16! Next time is my turn~ When’s your birthday? :D) and of course to Naomi at Bewitchery, none of this would’ve been possible without her organizing the Budget Beauty Blogger Swap!

To see what I got Samantha, click on this link: The Budget Beauty Blogger Swap! – Part 2.

Thank you for reading!

// Nyancy

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