Cookie covered english test-day.

Hey people! Hope you’ve had a good day!(?)

The English test on idioms, proverbs, prefixes, suffixes ect. went fiiiine~ I could’ve studied more (as always but hey, it would’ve probably slipped my mind anyway)… but didn’t. I half-read some of it today and just felt “this will be a hard one” but the things I worried about the most didn’t even come!

DSC00398 DSC00399DSC00412Walked to school at around 10.20 and the sun was out! ÖAÖ When I got to the cafeteria I’d called Robin around 20 times because I wanted to wake him up (he posted a status at around 3-4 in the morning so I assumed that he wasn’t awake), in the end I had to eat fish and potatoes alone (first time I’ve eaten in the cafeteria alone!). It was fine though, texted Marcus and played Harvest Moon while eating.

DSC00405 DSC00406When I sat down on a bench between second and third floor, Merielle spotted me. And she brought cookies (with the cutest yarn bow on the box) and a whopping 19 cupcakes!

DSC00407My bench beside the easel. Bags, jacket, scarf, english papers and cookies! >w< I put down the paint in the background to be able to take a picture hehe. I’ll show you my self portrait next week (I should be done by then)!

DSC00408A sticker in a bathroom stall on the first floor~ “Crush the coolness” 2×2 cm big. Saw it when I had to go after the test. I AGREE! >w<)b

DSC00409On my way to the tram, the two circled black-thingies on the picture was making the strangest noises! The fluttering one was jumping to the same branch as the other one and got irritated on it because it was in the way for its wings… *bird, just… no*

DSC00410All the people in the picture was on the same bus as me~ Reminded me of all the “meanwhile in Sweden”-bus stop pictures! Everyone’s walking within the “sidewalk” while I walked on the bicycle path *rebel*! x’3

That was all the picture I took today~ Have a nice continuation. (Are you watching the Playstation announcement? If I’m able to stay awake I will! Only because I’m curious about what it will look like, I’ll get a playstation 3 sometime in the near future *at the end of this year maybe* but my 3DS XL is my choice everytime ^_^ Still have a lot of games to get for it hehe)

I will post a game related- and a illustrations related post this week + a surprise, stay tuned for that! Until then, see ya.

// Nyancy

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