Circus, free products and sleep.

Good evening! c: I’ve been through a stressful start of the week so that’s why I haven’t posted anything after the walk pictures~
On Monday, my group in English got picked out to present our “Scotland in popular culture”-work on Wednesday. We had two days to finish the presentation! Before that we’d only searched for stuff to talk about and hadn’t written anything down so we freaked out a bit! Even though it felt unfair because we were the only ones (exept the groups taking care of what we’re going to teach the Edinburgh students), I’m really glad we did it. Now I can drop it and look forward to Edinburgh in 11 days! (I have so many other things to do though…)

On Tuesday had the offer: The first 50 buyers from our Facebook shop will get two full-sized products from Maria Nila. And I was fast enough to get them (probably one of the first ones since I saw the picture a few seconds after it was posted)! Got a text saying that they’re on they way already~ Going to review them when I’ve tried em’ out! ^_^Skärmavbild 2013-03-06 kl. 23.28.09

Yesterday I saw Cirkus Cirkör’s Knitting Peace. It was really cool. Everything was so beautiful! The music, the set, the artists and their talents~ Read about it here, you can also watch the trailer! It’s really innovative and special. c: Everything in the trailer didn’t make it to the final performance though. But I don’t think it matters really!Storan_puplik_This is where it took place. Never been to “Storan” before so I didn’t know that it would look so beautiful! I was seated on the third row (which you can’t see on this picture). I haven’t taken the picture so this isn’t the audience from yesterday! >w<Skärmavbild 2013-03-07 kl. 22.43.05A promo picture! *___*

Today I forgot my phone, worked hard on my “How to”-comic strip, was frustrated on Social studies and slept my way past my busstop on the way home and had to walk for 30 minutes to get home… it doesn’t feel like the worst day ever but not the greatest one either.
Tomorrow I have Work environment and security in the morning (had totally forgotten about that) and then social studies *yippy…* so I should sleep now. I want to be able to stay awake the whole bus ride tomorrow! Good night!

// Nyancy

2 thoughts on “Circus, free products and sleep.

    • Kul att höra att du gillar dem~ Har bara testat hår oljan och jag tycker den funkar otroligt bra! T.o.m mina fingrar är lena efteråt!

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