Happy Piggy solved puzzles and organized all day!

Ey Sunday people, how is it going?  (≧∇≦)/

I’m in a good mood today~ I woke up early because I accidentally slept from 19.00 – 23.30 last night. Missed the of “Melodifestivalen” (the contest where we decide which artist that will represent Sweden in Eurovision song contest) but I logged on to Facebook and found out anyway~
I haven’t played Professor Layton and the curious village in a while so I decided to finish it today. And I did! Such a beautiful ending… the music just made everything seem so peaceful.
I have Pandora’s box waiting on my shelf. I’m going to start the adventure tonight!


I don’t have any regular lessons on Monday to Wednesday because all third-year’s are going to work on their projects! The report is due on 27th of March, which is sooon! D:
I haven’t started writing my report so I’ll have to work hard on finishing/ partly finishing within these three days so I can focus on all the tests and presentations I have in other subjects… might be too late to work like a good student but yeah, at least I’m trying! >w<‘
I’ve cleaned my desk and room so I won’t excuse myself with organizing things all day tomorrow and loose the whole day! Tadaaa~DSC_0767I’ve also started putting things in my cabin bag, only a few things though. So far I’m bringing a watercolor pad, a see-through toilet bag that I’ll have all my liquids in (I only have dry shampoo in it right now and I’m not bringing much more… we’ve (some girls in my english class and I) all agreed that we’d buy soap and stuff like that when we get there) and a towel, since they have everything else on the hostel! + of course: my passport and boarding passes~
DSC_0766I had to model the Hellebore-design yesterday. Robin didn’t have the time to be my model before my deadline: Thursday and the ice is melting away every day! It was a good thing I did it yesterday because half the ice is gone and it’s a lot colder today. I’ll upload the pictures tomorrow! And a post filled with “class doodles” will also be up!

See you tomorrow // Miss Piggy (○`(●●)´○)ノSkärmavbild 2013-03-10 kl. 18.32.58


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