Comment issue + a huge thank you!

I didn’t realize that it had been a while since I checked my spam comments the last time but there the number appeared, 50-something comments. What I wasn’t expecting was four comments from lovely Colourit being there! D: For some reason I didn’t think that comments from actual people would end up in spam! When I realized I un-spammed them and looked through all the other comments… and it made realize how hard it is to see if it’s spam or not.
Therefor: if you have (ever) commented and it hasn’t showed up/I haven’t replied, I’m so-so sorry! I’ll be more cautious from now on!

Another thing I’d like to say is: Thank you. To all of you! I really appreciate all the likes, comments and followers ^__^ It makes all the writing even more fun to do! The just clicking and reading what I’ve posted is also worth gold!
I now have over 100 WordPress followers!. I was so happy when I noticed~Skärmavbild 2013-03-11 kl. 19.38.24Today is also:Skärmavbild 2013-03-11 kl. 19.38.25

The “record” before was 16 and now it’s 19!

Like I did some other time, here, have some pink, you’re-super-awesome-and-deserve-a-huge-pixel-cake! tumblr_ldvdilDWWL1qek1e3o1_500
You got a cookie last time but since my readers are growing, so should the pastry! ;D

// Nyancy

2 thoughts on “Comment issue + a huge thank you!

  1. Åhhh vad gullig du är! Tack!
    Du fick jobba en del för att få bukt med det där. Så glad och tacksam att du fixat allt och t.o.m. skriver ett sånt gulligt inlägg till alla dina läsare.

    • ❤ > w <
      Ja men nu så dök din kommentar upp som en "notification" istället för i spam-boxen, så det lönade sig! :D
      Tack för kommentaren!

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