A new start.

God morning! :3

I want to start this wonderful Friday with an announcement so here it is!

I’ve renamed this blog to F L A T F O R M WALKER and also made it easier to choose between the different things I’m writing about! E.g. if you click on Skärmavbild 2013-03-14 kl. 22.33.38 you’ll be directed to Skärmavbild 2013-03-14 kl. 22.42.50and all the post I’ve posted under the category! You can still find all the (sub/)categories on the side though (if you’re looking for something specific)!

I also made Home/About/Contact a static front page! Check it out and you’ll get greeted by two lovely friends~

I promised myself that I’ll be better at categorizing. The Game-related category will be gone because I only mention games briefly in most posts! I’ll be putting them in either whimsical kitten or Real game-talk (<- the new one)!

Well… that’s it I think! I’m hoping things will be easier to find, feel free to comment if you think I can make something better~ ^_^/Skärmavbild 2013-03-15 kl. 08.12.59

I just woke up so I really have to get dressed and write/draw some stuff I have to hand in today! Have a great Friday!

// Nyancy

2 thoughts on “A new start.

  1. Wow, skitfint!!Du har gjort ett kanonjobb, alltid bra att kategorisera! Snygg design på allt! Sååå läckert och snyggt och bra omgjort.
    Ha en bra fredag!! ♥

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