Easter break yeah!

Skärmavbild 2013-03-28 kl. 18.32.26

Finally, Easter break arrived! ;w; The report for the project is in and now I can relax a few days!
I bought two comics on “the Sci-fi book store”-sale today, one of them being:


Malignant man. A comic book about a cancer sick man that gets shot it the head and then get told that he has an alien in his head… it doesn’t get any better. From the creators of SAW and 28 days later + Ding.

Now that I have aaall the time in the world… I’ll sleep. Fo’ real. I have slept so, so little these past few days. And as you know, I don’t nap so I’ll wait until it’s late and then sleep all day tomorrow. (Maybe.)
But I’ll also upload the rest of the days from when I was in Edinburgh. And god, I have so much makeup I’ll swatch and show you guys. I have the things I bought in Scotland and the day after, I received my makeup from Cherry culture. The nailpolishes will be on the shelf a while longer though… my nails disappeared during the stress.

Do I have anything else to share(?)… I’m not sure >w<‘

AH. I remembered something funny, haha!
My dad came home with two razors yesterday and said “Here, I bought this one for you”… I was so confused. I do cut my hair myself but… what!!?
Turnes out he bough two because me and my brother could share one (so we don’t break his) and they were on sale :¨3Bild 2013-03-28 kl. 19.55 #2

*Creepy saleswoman smile*

Oh well, now I’ll dedicate my evening to things I haven’t done in days… like reading and watch TV or something.

glad-psk_144478360// Nyancy

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