Schwarzkopf Poly Color toner schampo in Noble Chestnut.

Skärmavbild 2013-03-31 kl. 11.04.09 Skärmavbild 2013-03-31 kl. 11.03.54As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday I dyed my hair. I used Schwarzkopf Poly Color toner shampoo in Noble Chestnut. I’ve never used this one before but I thought that I would try it!20adelkastanj_250x250I felt like the shade matched my old color but surprise, surprise, it got a lot darker than on the package. It says that it’ll last about 28 washes so I just have to wait for it to fade that way. The sun will help too haha.


Took this picture just before heading for the shower.

AfterIMG_0750 IMG_0749A dark red-brown color. I like it but it wasn’t the color I wanted…

Good: I really like the formula! The color acts like a shampoo so it makes the hair stay where you put it (unlike other hair dye’s).
I bought it for under 50 SEK at the supermarket, which is cheap in Sweden.

Meh: If you plan to use it I would recommend to not don’t swirl your hair around too much because I did and the shampoo made my hair stick together pretty bad. The conditioner included in the package made it untangle though.

Next post: Milani color statement lipstick will be up in about an hour~

See ya!// Nancy

2 thoughts on “Schwarzkopf Poly Color toner schampo in Noble Chestnut.

    • Hi there! :D
      I haven’t used this dye before but I have washed my hair two times now and even with shampoo for dandruff (which you shouldn’t do if you want it to last) it’s almost no leakage!
      Even though it’s semi-permanent I think the amount of washes it’ll last are a lot.
      My hair is shoulder length and I had a lot of shampoo left so if you don’t have very long hair, one package should cover all your hair evenly.
      I think you should go for it, it feels like the color is here to stay~
      Good luck and I hope you get the result you want!

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