Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to infinity DEMO thoughts!

Happy Saturday everyone!
hGleY9wAs you might know, a new Pokémon mystery dungeon game will be released this year! NA already has it (and japan of course) but we in Europe (and Australia) only has to wait 20(/21) more days! :D
The short and sweet demo can be downloaded on Nintendo e-shop so if you haven’t already done it… GO, GO, GO!
I downloaded it yesterday but it’s been on the european e-shop since the 25th… my internet connection is so bad that it couldn’t play it until today (I was gone most of the day too so it’s not only because of that).

If you’re not familiar with the mystery dungeon-series: the games starts with you having a weird dream and waking as a Pokémon. Then you get a partner and together you do quests!
I chose to be Tepig (fire-type and a pig… it’s just meant to be) and I wanted to have either Axew or Oshawott and in the end I chose Oshawott! All the data will be saved from the demo and can be transferred to be actual game!

pokemonmysterydungeon To be honest, I had no intensions of buying the game before I played the demo because my experience with PMD: Explorer of the sky wasn’t so much fun because of really difficult dungeons.
But this game to the 3DS looks amazing! And the attack system isn’t as wacky as in Explorer of the sky…
Another thing I noticed was that the personality test is missing, a little sad but hey, usually you made the test until you got the one you wanted… I know you did it too!

Reading the reviews, it doesn’t sound promising but meh, who cares, really!
It’s better to see for yourself and get your own opinion~ I don’t know if I’ll preorder it on Amazon or if I’ll wait a little… I saw that they had dropped the price on Super Mario 3D land and I might buy it first hehe!

Have a nice continuation of your Saturday!
// Nancy


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