Super Mario 3D Land has arrived!

Skärmavbild 2013-05-03 kl. 16.59.45I’m sick and it was sunny… so don’t mind the face!

Finally I own Super Mario 3D land~ I’ve been wanting this game before I actually got my Nintendo 3DS XL (you might remember *hahahaha… no. probably not* the post I made about it: here)!
I really like what they do design-wise for the Mario games! I remember thinking that the NSMB2 case was really cool because of the art on the inside of the cover (and you could see details through the squares)… turns out that they had done it for this game too~IMG_0823 IMG_0824It’s a bit different from the NSMB2 one but still!
The fact that there’s a close up of Mario’s face on the card is also really funny because it looked like he was looking at the instruction manual (that also has a close-up of his face on it)!IMG_0822

I took the opportunity to order both Super Mario 3DS Land and Luigi’s Mansion (2): Dark Moon on because it was the last day of their offer: all orders over 100 SEK will get 50 SEK off if you used a code!
I ordered them separately so I got a total off 100 SEK of them both which made them cheaper than if I would ordered them on Amazon~
I should get Luigi’s Mansion on Monday because I suspect that they couldn’t squeeze both the packages down the mailbox so they just pressed down one and took the other one with them…

I thought that I would list things I thought while playing first world!

  • The courses are simple but effective.
  • It’s freakin’ weird playing Super Mario in 3D (I’ve played galaxy but the controls are different so it isn’t the same thing).
  • The dandelion seeds that fly at you when you spin with the tanooki suit is a really cute detail!
  • I can’t do the canon ball on boxes… D:
  • I’m getting vertigo when they zoom out and show how high you’re going to jump >w< AND I’M NOT EVEN AFRAID OF HIGHTS IRL!
  • In regards to the above… if you’re not wearing a tanooki suit, you will jump. And die.
  • Bowser had a tanooki tail ♥
  • When you get ink on your screen because of ink spitting Piranha plants! :’3 So cool~
  • …Why do they have monoculars for you to see the goal when you will get there eventually? .__.’
  • I really suck at this game! >w< I miscalculate where the edge is all the time and I’m really slow because the    run button shouldn’t be Y but B!

That’s what I have to say! I’ll continue to play a few more courses until I need to sleep. ^^

I’ll see you tomorrow! // Nancy

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