From starving to too much food!

Today has been a long day… even though I started 12.15!
We hanged around the atalié on the forth floor because most of us didn’t have anything to finish in art structure-class. We also got to know our grades though! I’m satisfied because I was stuck between two grades and I got the better one. I’m not that experienced with oil or acrylic paint but planning on getting better!

Afterwards we met up with our homeroom teacher Rafíc and looked through pictures of the class throughout the past tree years. We made a PowerPoint to show on graduation day! So much fun, the last picture is the best one~
By the time we were done, it was around 15.40 and we still waited for Marcus to finish his lesson. We waited till 16.00 but everyone’s hunger was unbearable so we went to a nearby Sushi place (Marcus arrived later though)!
My bowl with noodle soup could make two people pretty full, I couldn’t even finish it all! >w<


And we got dessert ♥DSC00496

We took the tram to Sega Gubben (a candy store) to celebrate that we don’t have any more real lessons! I didn’t eat any because I was too full haha.DSC00498Saving it for tomorrow!

Then I came home to even more food! :O My brother is getting work experience at a Thai restaurant nearby this week and every day this week he’s brought food home but today beats everything! Look at all the food we got!! ÖAÖ They are so generous. I’m not going to eat this though. I’m still stuffed!


Now I’m sitting here with tired eyes, looking through letters in Swapnotes/ Nintendo letterbox.
Have a lovely continuation of this fabulous Wednesday!
// Nancy

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