Mother’s Sunday!

Good evening té ya!
It’s Mother’s day (:D) today soooo:TtrHS4P

We’ve celebrated a little, with pink princess cake!DSC_1106Yummy ♡DSC_1104It’s literally Sunday! =w= Super hot but the wind is blowing so it’s fine~DSC_1107

I downloaded Nintendo e-shop’s two latest demos: Project X Zone (demo A) and Rabbids Rumble.

Project X Zone was… fun, mostly because of the characters (I was so happy to see Kite and Blackrose! QwQ It has been such a long time since I read .Hack). I don’t understand the combat… am I just supposed to press A? >w<‘
I didn’t really read the instructions so I’ll do it next time!
Rabbids Rumble was pretty boring. I won’t be getting it haha.

My father is BBQing and a family friend arrived just now so I think that I will join them. See you tomorrow!

// Nancy

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