The kick-out of love was… different. Not at all what I imagined. But still entertaining c: A 28-year-old woman talked about her experience of HIV and that anyone can get it. She also played the piano and sang. A lot of people were touched by her songs and what she said.

Then we moved from the assembly hall to the sports hall where we saw people singing, dancing and cite poems. The theme was love so you would draw a symbol of love, take a quiz and other activities.


Everyone got a sandwich, the pastry called ‘kärleksmums’ and juice.


Everything ended with a heart-shaped group photo of everyone that will graduate on Wednesday! I hope we can see the photo somewhere Found it on facebook! :3

We went to the sushi place Mamaya after that and then to the theatre to see which movies are worth watching and finally me and Marcus got the West(rainbow)pride wristband in the middle of the mall.


Fun day c: I don’t have school tomorrow but I’m still going to empty my locker, buy a graduation party ticket and watch The place beyond the pines.

See you tomorrow ladies and gentlemen (this was written on my crappy phone so if something looks weird, now you know why hehe) //Nancy


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