Working Class Hero.

Work yesterday was good compared to every time I’ve worked at the “belt”, there were no stress at all. We were four people unpacking material that the trucks drop off at your stations. It’s heavy (like all the jobs in the Volvo factory) but I can manage that. Stress on the other hand and the fact that if you fail, it stops the whole belt you’re working at… it’s awful.

Working in a factory with bad air circulation, dust flying everywhere and oil getting all over your arms and clothes isn’t really what I want to be stuck doing every time I need money. It does pay the best though. If I take the summer job as for example a helper for the elderly, I’ll have to work three weeks instead of six days.

That said, I like working where I worked now and it pays well but I can’t help feeling like a piece of me is dying every time. I want to try working with different things. Something as basic as in a store would be awesome… and scary since I don’t like talking to new people. But I have to get rid of that fear. Because living with a “no, I don’t want to talk to him/her because I’m afraid what they’ll think of me”-attitude isn’t good. At all.

Conclusion: I’ll try to apply for other jobs too but I’m happy with my new job.

They won’t be needing me until about two weeks before the summer holiday so I’m not working for a few weeks…
MY SUMMER BREAK CAN CONTINUE :Dtumblr_mnp49frWeB1rj0yrio1_500 // Nancy

Ps. I wrote this last night so I’m probably sleeping when you read this~


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