It’s our favorite (male,) blue hedgehog’s 22nd annivarsary today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC!tumblr_mouruer4xn1qdtw9eo1_500 tumblr_mourr3ElK81qdtw9eo1_500 7449_10151657095467418_2000016360_n

(so many pretty fan arts~)

It was so awesome watching Sonic on early mornings when you were little.
I miss that. A lot. I want to atleast be able to watch the series (in Swedish) all over again *I feel the same way towards Sailor Moon, Hamtaro and a bunch of old Cartoon Network-cartoons*!

I can still be him and swish through courses or drive a car/boat/plane… which isn’t bad, at all! I don’t have those games yet though *ahaha* >w>

// Nancy

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