Back with a Ka-BLaM!


Hah… told you so!

I had such an exhausting (work) week last week. Mayyyybe you’ve noticed my recovery time! xD Argh, I’m so lazy! Promised myself that I’d go to the gym more often and then work came and the promise just washed away in the sore muscles and play AC:NL- go to work- sleep– routine!tumblr_mq0ne4Tq7R1qdmg6co1_500(Creds to the awesome tumblr-user!)
This is what it feels like when you catch beetles, late at night, on the island~

I’ll upload the pictures from the Skara Summerland-amusement park later today (super late but I know you love me enough to wait a liiiittle longer). :D

// Nancy

Ps. Guys, this is a secret... c: I wrote this last night *shh*
I do this pretty often, haha~ Because I wake up so dang late!

Bild 2013-07-18 kl


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