Kracie’s Majo Majo Neru Neru.

Haaappy Friday, here I am with a Japanese DIY candy kit!Maho maho neru neruMajo majo neru neru, from Kracie!

This is what Jbox has to say about this kit:

“The wizards at Kracie have come up with another magical treat set that let’s you make your own Japanese treats at home. This package featues two unique flavors of Neru Neru Nerune DIY candy powder, cola and ramune, but also includes a special “magic powder” that will change the flavors or taste somehow, perhaps making it sparkle with magic in your mouth. Includes calcium to help build strong bones. Just add water with the included ingredients and mix until you get a fluffy treat that can be eaten alone or with other snacks. By Kracie.”

What comes in the kit:
o-maticThese are the step one/two/three bags and the special bags.
klkThe tray (you’ll take off the corner which is a measuring cup and a tiny spoon.

Step-by-step with pictures~1Pour bag one in one of the bowls.
2Add one (filled to the brim) measuring cup of water.3Blend it and you’ll get green-brown slime.4Add bag number two.5When you blend it, it’ll turn fluffy and a coca-cola foam color (not sure how to discribe it).
6Pour the content from bag 3 in the other bowl. Now it’s technically done!
You just have to dip the spoon with the candy in the sprinkles and eat it.

But if you’re curious you should try to add the other bags too:
extra1When you add the pink bag, add a measuring cup of water.extra2It’ll fizzle and become fluffier when you’ve blended everything together. It also gets a fruitier flavor.

extra3Add the black/gold bag and it’ll turn pink and taste spicy.endNow it’s entirely done!

So what do I think of this DIY candy kit? It’s cool to make, I really like the sprinkles and it tasted good but the texture isn’t really my preference. I like chewy things and this isn’t.
Also, if you’re getting this candy kit, I’d advice you to try the spicy powder on a portion of the candy if you don’t already know that you like spicy candy. Turns out I don’t like my candy spicy. >w<

It was fun but me and nerunerunerune aren’t meant to be (since I don’t like the consistency and the fluffy candy is the main candy in all of those candy kits). I might test another type of DIY candy though :D

Well this went from an early evening to a late one. Hope you enjoyed this Japanese candy post. I’ll make more~
// Nancy

Surprise from my brother.

It’s been a very dead day today, woke up at two in the afternoon and then flew around in Flower.flower-game-screenshot-1When my brother came home we started playing some other titles: Prototype, Little Big Planet 2, Tales of Xillia, Disney Infinity and right now, The Last of Us. He also brought a 20th/21st birthday/Christmas present (haha)! xD He really likes to hit three birds with one stone… really grateful though! Didn’t expect it at all.Disney infinity Villian package

The Disney Infinity: Villains Pack~

Randy is my favorite but the other ones are awesome too *w* He’s so cute with that evil smirk!
We only played in the Toy Box yesterday but today we went to the pirate world and used Jack and Davy Jones. Confusing but fun. The camera is bugging me but I’ll see if I can fix it.

I’m going to the dentist tomorrow (yes feel sorry for me :c) and since it’s Friday, I’ll upload the DIY candy-thing I’ve promised for a few weeks! >3<‘ See ya tomorrow!
// Nancy

PS3 funsies~

Today I finally bought a PS3! c:

Went to the nearest Elgiganten to buy it but apparently they didn’t have 500 GB PS3’s without a Little Big Planet bundle >_> The guy I asked if they had any in stock (which they didn’t) did give me the great advice to buy the bundle and not play the game.

“Thank you, I’d looove to buy an expensive bundle including a game I don’t want to play”  – What I wanted to say but you know…no need to be rude.

I told him that I’d seen the one I was looking for in the other store they have (but it’s further away) so I went there instead and found what I was looking for. The only one left too! QwQ Almost didn’t see it at first because it was hiding among some 12GB versions and LBP bundles.

PS3 I’m happy to finally have it! :D It’s so light and even though people think it looks ugly I think the design is fine. You just see a black box in my dark room anyway (I’d be a shame if it was super awesome-looking and no one could see it ;3)!

I thought I’d also show you the games I’ve got! (Especially for you Andy)
GAMES1These are my brother’s (he had a PS3 but it broke a few months ago). I’m not entirely sure if I get them (since he’s getting a PS4 and it isn’t backwards compatible) but right now I don’t see it as a huge loss if I just get to borrow them ^^mina spelAnd these are my games so far… the Eyepet thing was my first game. >_> My brother gave it to me a few Christmases ago (so hush)! xD
Prototype is technically my brother’s since I bought it to him in Edinburgh as a present but there wasn’t any room for it in the other box.

I’m planning on getting Alice Madness returns, Lollipop chainsaw, Beyond two souls and Batman Arkham Origins. If you have any tips on good & fun games, give it to me! :D I prefer RPG’s, platform and games with good stories.

And the controllers I have:
LRLRSANDSTARTANDBBABHere we have (from the left):
A Blu-ray Disc Remote
My brother’s Dualshock 3 controller (we should have another one + the one I got today)
An Afterglow Ap.2 controller
A Playstation Move Motion controller

Right now I’m updating the system and it was the first thing I did so I haven’t played anything yet Q_Q It has taken it about an hour to get to 40%… so sloooowww!

I’m going to watch Buffy while it loads, have a great day!
I’ll see you tomorrow with some stuff I’ve drawn. Don’t expect anything fancy (as usual), I was bored when I did them >wÖ
// Nancy

Blue Tuesday.

Feeling a bit down this week but what makes everything better if not a Buffy marathon! So far I’ve seen a season each day (from Sunday) so I’m in the middle of season 3. I really love Buffy the vampire slayer. I remember seeing it on TV3 when I was around ten. My grandmother wanted me to change the channel but I refused. I was totally enchanted by Spike!

Drusilla and Spike are great villains c: I’m in love with them both.
Their personalities are lovely and inspiring (not in the sense of a way to be but creatively for me!). The Brittish accent they both have, but especially Drusilla’s, are perfect. ♥ spike-drusillaCan’t wait for Spike to be in the show more regularly and maybe another visit from Dru (please?)!

Another thing! Remember when I said that I didn’t get the preorder gift for Disney Infinity? Well yesterday when my parents came home at 1 AM (after work), my mom gave me the usual Electroworld package:Bild 2013-08-27 kl. 16.48 #2About A4 format (which feels huge for ⇣).

And there it was inside! >w< IMG_1864A tiny Power disc pack.IMG_1866 IMG_1868A holographic Merlin Summon power disc. It’ll make “in-game economy pickup area times two”. I’ll come in handy c:IMG_1870And my surprise power disc is Cinderella’s Coach. I’ll be able to ride the carriage in Toy Box mode.

It feels weird that they sent it like this and not together with the game… but I assume that they did it because they didn’t have them when the game came out(? maybe).

I didn’t get my PS3 today because I’m feeling sick but tomorrow my mom is going to the optician so I’ll tag along and buy it then! See you tomorrow~

// Nancy

Lyko competition, Team!

Sunday~, Sunday~ and even though I don’t have school or work tomorrow I feel slightly sad that it’s Sunday >w< So instead of just sitting here and do nothing I decided to finish an entry to a competition I said I would enter!

Here’s my entry, the “beauty kit” I want to win together with her pick of products for around 600 SEK:NamnlösFrom left to right:
DuWop’s Lip Venom 
The Balm’s Stainiac
The Balm’s Pick Up Liners (Mickey)
Lee Strafford’s Dry SchaMPOO

Med detta bidrag är jag med och tävlar i Lykotävlingen som anordnas mellan bloggarna Colour it,  Imakeyousmile,  Idasbeauty samt

I picked products I’ve never tried before (but believe I’ll use a lot) and things that would “complete” what she picked. c: I also really like that everything would look pretty together on a shelf or in your toiletry bag.

The competition end in three hours so I hope she wins and picks me! ^^b

If you wants to see what she picked, click here to get to her blog post.

See you tomorrow or on Tuesday! Have a lovely week~

// Nancy

A vampire slayer’s life and games in the mail~

Happy Caturdaay everyone! kittyMy lovely cat maxi dress from Asos :3

Picked up a package from and one from today.
From Electroworld I got my preordered Disney Infinity starter pack (didn’t get the preorder bonus and I’m going to ask why).
And Cdon had really good offers on games a few days ago. They had 20% off all games (preorders not included) and 3 for 2 on selected assortment!
I’ll show you what I got from there first:

IMG_0984The whole order!IMG_0985The Last Of Us (a really good bargain since I got it for cheaper than the cheapest price I’ve found) and Journey (+ Flow, Flower and the OST)IMG_0995Self explanatory >wÖ
IMG_0987 IMG_0993I got this Afterglow AP.2 wireless controller that’s see-through and it also has lights that you can have on all the time, off all the time or (what probably will be my favorite) have them light up when the controller vibrates!

The Last Of Us, Mario & Luigi: DT and the controller was on the 3 for 2 offer. I didn’t pay anything for the 400 SEK controller~ c:IMG_0999Last but not least I got aaaaall the seasons of my favorite series ever (cat not included) :D It was 50% off but still expensive… but I couldn’t not get it since it’s been forever since I saw it and I love it QwQ Physical copies is the way I like it haha.

And now to the Disney Infinity unboxing!IMG_1002The usual box you see everywhere =w=bIMG_1010The webcode card and the PS3-game.IMG_1006The Disney Infinity base and the random power disc.IMG_1012The DI playset piece in the front and the three starter figurines in the back.IMG_1013The Jack Sparrow Figure
IMG_1017The Sulley figureIMG_1015The Mr. Incredible figureIMG_1007I got Alice in Worderland (Tulgey forrest) power disc! ♥ I’m so happy because I’ll be able to run around Wonderland as I please :D kitteehAs an end to this Caturday, enjoy my Tora in the DI box right after I took the plastic “mold” out of it >w< So cute~

I’ll try to blog more often (fo’ reals) but because we only have one computer and my brother has started to play LOL which gives me little time with it. But it should get better now since he starts school again (freakin’ 10th grade aah!).

My brother comes home today so I’ll upload the DIY japanese candy I got last week! He has the pictures on his phone :’3
// Nancy

My first Jbox order! :D

Sorry for the absence! I’ve been working this week but I’m free now so I’ll be able to blog more :3

I’ve been waiting for this package from Jlist/box for about a month now because two items had to be restocked but now that it’s finally here I’m really happy I waited :D I’ll show you why!

I mostly bought candy but also a bentobox~

IMG_0949Seems like the little package went through customs just fine =w=b IMG_0951I was so exited when I opened it in the car! This was the first thing I saw.

This is everything I ordered:

IMG_0956From the top to the bottom:
★ UHA One Piece Puccho World. This one is to my brother!
☆ UHA Puccho Golden With Pineapple Soda Flavor
★ UHA Puccho Miracle
☆ Morinaga Suppa Hi-Chew with Lemon Flavor IMG_0964Krachie Puchitto Fruit Soft Candy – Grape Flavor (Set of 3)IMG_0967Kracie Majo Majo Neru Neru (NeruNeruNerune)IMG_0960Neri Ame (Traditional Liquid Candy) w/ Chopsticks (Set of 10)IMG_0966Meiji Pokemon Hard Candy… LOOK AT IT, I’M DYING. I expected the little pikachu face to be all over the front (like here) but this is 10 times better! Shiny Genesect, Mewtwo and all the Eeveelutions!IMG_0970Tottoko Hamutaro Sunflower Bento Box

Aaaand that is all~ The Pokemon hard candy and the One Piece Puccho had to be restocked but it was worth the extra two weeks because they are delicious and the packaging is so pretty!

I’m going to do more posts on the stuff I got ^__^b Showing off the Pokemon candy/Puccho and doing a post on the do-it-yourself candy-kit Majo Majo Neru Neru!

Have a nice weekend!
// Nancy

AC:NL DLC – Firework table

Attention all Animal Crossing: New Leaf players!HNI_0057

It’s the month of August and that means Fireworks every Sunday in Animal Crossing :D By a mere coincidence I went to the post office this morning (it was actually around two but it felt like morning…) and tried to receive a gift, and it worked! ♥

You’ll get this table:


It’s very pretty and the firework details glow in the dark! :DHNI_0058

Don’t miss out! You have all of August to collect it but it’s always better to play it safe right? ^^

My first firework show has already started and I’m trying my luck on Redd’s cookies. I have a lot of roman candles but actually a few prizes :3
See you!
// Nancy

Express delivery from Asos!

I’m in need of a new pair of shoes (since I have a tendensy of destroying them on a regular basis :c) and since I saw a pair on Asos a couple of months ago, I decided to put them in my basket! Along with two maxi dresses and a pair of leggins.

image1xxl image2xxl

image1xxl (2) image2xxl (2)


 In total it became 801 SEK so I precisely qualified for the “FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY TO SWEDEN
ORDERS ABOVE 800 SEK” offer on the Asos UK website. I don’t know how much you have to buy for in your currency but it’s probably the value of 80 GBP.
The express delivery guaranties delivery within four days so I should get my stuff at the latest on Thursday :3
This will be my first express package ever ÖwÖ’ Never choose it since I don’t ever have a hurry but it’s free this time so why not =w=

Oh and I’ve ordered another thing that will come next week. I’ll show it to you guys once it has arrived. Very exited over it because I’ve wanted one since I went in 8th grade but I had totally forgotten about it until I saw one, two days ago. xD

Anywaaay, have a nice Sunday~
// Nancy

Cookie Saturday! :D

Happy Saturday everyone!
At around four in the morning I found an old party book and in it I found a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I really wanted to try! *w* So today I went to the supermarket and bought a bunch of stuff that I needed.IMG_0879

My list~ I was right in the middle of chopping the dark chocolate when I took this xD Messy-messy.

IMG_0881Half the chocolate done!IMG_0883This is the recipe! … In Swedish though >w<
If you don’t know Swedish this will be pretty hard to follow but I can quickly translate for you if you’d like to do these cookies! I think they taste nice and they were really fun to make ^^
dl = deciliter 
tsk = table spoon
The ingredience (from the top)!
Baking Powder
Liquid Margarine
Brown Sugar
Vanilla Sugar
Chopped Dark
How you mix everything together.
(Turn on the oven. Set it on 175 degrees)
1. Blend oatmeal and milk together in a bowl and let them sit for at least 10 minutes.
2. Mix flour, baking powder, salt and vanilla sugar in another bowl.
3. Take a third, bigger bowl and mix the margarine, brown sugar and sugar. Then add the eggs in too. Make sure everything’s mixed properly!
4. Stir down the flour mix in the (bigger) bowl.
5. Lastly, mix down the oatmeal and chocolate.
Then you just have to put the batter on a tray (don’t forget the baking sheet)!IMG_0884
The finished batter

IMG_0885Finished! They are good but I never seem to make crunchy cookies :’c And that’s the texture I like! These come out very porous and after they have cooled down they are soft.

I also tried making Cutiepie Marzia’s Nutella cookies! Just because they are so simple to make. They turned out crunchy and super yummy! I really recommend making them~


Now… go make some cookies! *w*b
// Nancy

Pikmin3 in AC:NLs HHS

Got the Pikmin inspired house in my Happy Homes Showcase yesterday! It’s probably because the Pikmin3 game releases tomorrow ^^ I think that it is pretty cool so I’ll show it for you guys :3

Spaceship main room

HNI_0017 HNI_0018 HNI_0019 HNI_0020

Blue Pikmin room to the leftHNI_0021Red Pikmin room to the northHNI_0022Yellow Pikmin room to the rightHNI_0023Winged Pikmin room on the second floorHNI_0024Aaaand the Stone Pikmin room in the basment!HNI_0025

The furniture in all the rooms except the main room is stuff I own but I see some Lovely furniture that I will order tomorrow or the day after that since I will buy everything in the main room *urgh… my precious bells ;w;’*. The Cupid bench is so pretty too!

// Nancy

Pokemon X&Y mini reveals

Guys there’s a new trailer out! And at the end you can see the Pokemon X&Y 3DS XL :D

Also, the Nintendo 3DS UK FB-page revealed GAME’s X&Y preorder gift:1094974_667396499956830_230434273_nA Pokéball card game case. I don’t know if it applies to all the GAME-stores in Europe but yeah, good for ya UK >w<b
I have not preordered at GAME so I don’t know what the preorder gift will be… I should look into it since I’m getting very curious *_*

I need to check my little AC:NL town now since it’s already 17:23 and I haven’t touched my 3DS! See ya~
// Nancy