Pikmin3 in AC:NLs HHS

Got the Pikmin inspired house in my Happy Homes Showcase yesterday! It’s probably because the Pikmin3 game releases tomorrow ^^ I think that it is pretty cool so I’ll show it for you guys :3

Spaceship main room

HNI_0017 HNI_0018 HNI_0019 HNI_0020

Blue Pikmin room to the leftHNI_0021Red Pikmin room to the northHNI_0022Yellow Pikmin room to the rightHNI_0023Winged Pikmin room on the second floorHNI_0024Aaaand the Stone Pikmin room in the basment!HNI_0025

The furniture in all the rooms except the main room is stuff I own but I see some Lovely furniture that I will order tomorrow or the day after that since I will buy everything in the main room *urgh… my precious bells ;w;’*. The Cupid bench is so pretty too!

// Nancy


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